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Get ahold of a "Standard Gun Values" Book, 18th edition, page 1,368.

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Q: What is the value of a Model 70 pre-64 264 win mag All original and seen about 3 boxes of shells?
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You own a model 88 how can you tell if its pre64?

The serial number will be 148858 or lower.

What serial no is a pre64 is a 32winspl with a serial no of 1902927 a pre64?

While your question is confusing,I am assuming that you are asking what year your Winchester model 1894 rifle in 32WCF was made.Your serial number places the year of production at 1952.This indicates that you do have a pre-64 model 1894 rifle.

Where can you find parts for a sears roebuck model 53 30-06 springfield?

Winchester, Its a very old Rifle, but the 53 was what turned into the model 70, Hince Winchester Model 53 and some pre64 model 70 parts should fit.

What is the value of a pre64 modal94 30-30 winchester rifle lever action?

The value of a Winchester 30-30 rifle can depend. The prices can change depending on the shape it is in.

What ammo do you use with the Model 94 32 Winchester Special pre64?

first of all Winchester never made a rifle in 34 Winchester special,I am assuming that you mean 32 Winchester special.If that is the case it will use 32 Winchester special ammo.I would advise you to have a competent gunsmith go over the rifle and ensure that you have the right caliber and it is safe to shoot before going to the range.

What is the value of a good condition Winchester rifle Model 70 - 270 WCF with Redfield mounts Lyman Alaskan scope 44219 custom checked stock and shoulder strap?

The .270 WCF marking leads me to believe it is pre64, but would need to know the serial number and ALL other markings (including on the floorplate). Also, need more information on 'good' condition. Digital pictures would be a big help.

How many shells come in a box of shotgun shells?

Most commercially available shotgun shells come in boxes of 25.

Is there a collector's value for Tru-Test shotgun shells in the original boxes?

Yes, some have sold recently for $20-$25 per box on various auction sites. The shells date from 1967 to about 1975 and were sold by TruValue hardware stores. The shells were loaded by C.I.L. in Canada.

What is the age and value of a smith and Wesson model 66-1 serial 50k7858 4 inch barrel original grips in good condition and a very nice stainless finish not shot many times a few boxes of shells?

@ 33 yrs old. 50-400 USD

How much is a model 94 golden antler worth?

New in box $1000.00. with the original box of shells maybe a bit more..

What type of browning serial number X79154 and what is its value it had only two boxes of shells fired in it it used to be your dads?

Pretty much impossible to tell a model from just the sn.

What is the value of a pre-64 264 Win mag Model 70 that is all original and only shot about 3 boxes of shells?

A Winchester pre-64 in this calibre was offered as a limited edition and manufactured from 1959 thru 1963. Today's value the weapon would bring apporx 1500.00.

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Can a 12 gauge Winchester Model 59 semiautomatic shoot magnum shells?

Is it chambered for magnum shells? If not, the answer is NO.

Will Springfield model 18e fire 2.5 inch shells as well as 3 inch shells?


Is the Winchester Model 59 chambered for magnum shells?

No, it is/was not.

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