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Savage/Stevens made a lot shotguns with the Riverside name and Browning patented a lot of guns, features, and improvements. Give a model name or number and describe the action (automatic, slide, etc) and we may be able to give a ballpark estimate.

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Q: What is the value of a Riverside 16 gauge with a Browning patent on the barrel and receiver?
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What are the patent numbers for the browning citori and bss shotguns?

Serial number on a Citori is under the breakdown lever on the receiver. It should also be stamped on the barrel where it locks up on the receiver.

Where can you get a manual for a 12 gauge pump shotgun that has Browning Patent engraved on the barrel?

You need to identify the make and model of the shotgun. Dozens of different makes of guns show a browning patent on the barrel. Recheck and re-ask the question - Thank you

What is the date made and value of a Riverside 12 gauge pump with Browning Patent Proof Tested with numbers 82786 B behind the trigger?

$60 to $100

Browning 12 g pump ser 29173b mfg chicopeefalls ma riverside arms co browning pat what is this and what is it worth?

This should be a Stevens shotgun made on Brownings patent. Typically these guns sell in the $150-$300 range.

How old is a Riverside Arms double barrel?

Riverside was a brand name used by Stevens for Montgomery Wards and other retailers. It was probably made soon after that patent date, but they still made some exposed hammer guns at least until 1940.

Is a Stevens doublebarrel shotgun witha 1915 patent date and engraved goose on the receiver amodel315?

I believe that is a model 311. I have the same double barrel.

If a Model 80 16 gauge shotgun says Browning patent on the barrel does that mean it is a Browning gun?

No. Many manufacturers have used Browning's patents. Your gun was made by Savage/Stevens.

What is the value of a 12 gauge pump Ranger with Browning Patent engraved on the barrel?

You have a Ranger Model 30, which was a store brand made by Stevens as a Model 520. It was designed by John Browning, and has a slight humpback in the receiver. A Stevens version ranges in blue book value from $190 in 100% condition, to $75 in 60 % condition. Unfortunately, house brand guns bring less.

What is the age of a browning blr 308 patent no 3377731?

You will have to call Browning to find out.

Double barrel 12 gauge riverside shotgun patent date Feb 10 1914 can anyone tell you about it?

you might try looking at some of these posts:

Who made the Buckeye single barrel shotgun?

Buckeye Gun Co. in Lynchburg,Va. I have a 16 gauge Buckeye. It has a nickel plated receiver. All the Buckeyes I have seen had patent pending so not sure they ever got a patent on

What is the value of a Browning 12 ga serial patent 2203378-223386?

There was a Browning 12 gauge with the patent 2203378-223386, that was sold for $999.00 at an online auction.

Who made a single barrel 12 ga shotgun with a Star Brand stamped on the left side of the receiver and a patent date of Aug 11 1898? has a store brand chart.

I have an old Remington shotgun that I would like to know the age of I cant find a model number on it although on the side of the barrel it says MOD RJ it is a 12 ga Patent is 436341?

I can't tell from a patent #, is it a pump or auto? Is the RJ on the left side of the barrel near the receiver if so that's a date code from November 1940.

What is the year and value of a Remington Sportsman with 4 digit serial number S6712 with Browning Patent on barrel?

You can sell it to a bunch of gang bangers for like $400 and some crack rock.

What is the age of browning blr caliber 308 only patent no 3377731?

Go to the Browning website, look under Customer Service. You will need the serial number, not a patent number.

Could anyone tell me how to find the serial no iv'e looked on the barrel it says browning arms co st louis mo montreal p q made in belgium 22 long rifle brownings patent thank you?

You need to look on the receiver which is the main part of the gun behind the barrel. It should be a letter and number combination. It is probably on the lower right side od the frame, or else on the bottom forward of the trigger housing. The serial number would not be on the barrel.

This Ranger 12 ga has a Browning patent?

OK, what is your question?

What is a valiant shotgun with a browning patent?

Stevens 520 pump

Why does your Western Field 16 gauge shotgun have a Browning patent?

I would have to assume that you have a semi-auto shotgun.If your shotgun has a slight hump to the back of the reciever then it was a shotgun made with a browning patent and would have to be listed on the gun along with the royaltys paid to his patent.

What is the value of a riverside arms 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with a patent of the year 1915 which has second stamped?

It's an off-branded Stevens Model 311, worth $150-$250, made between 1920 and 1948.

What is the history of a Ranger 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with patent Apr 20 1915 on the right side of the receiver Ranger on the left side and proof tested 12 gauge on the left barrel?

That patent date is on several models of Stevens shotguns. Ranger was a trade name sold by Montgomery Ward. It was most likely made sometime between 1920 and 1945.

Can you give you the year and the value of a Stevens Browning 16 gage model 620 serial number U66622 that was manufactured in Chico pee Falls Mass?

It's a Stevens gun, not a Browning. The barrel is marked 'Browning Patent' but that is the extent of Browning's involvement with that shotgun. They were made before WW2 and sell for $100-$150 in typical shape.

What is the value of a double barrel rabbit ear Riverside Arms barrel dated 1903?

I don't think Stevens was using the Riverside name as early as 1903 but they probably were still using that patent date into the 1930's. If the gun has fluid steel barrels, it could still be a hunter's gun but the rabbit ears attract Cowboy Action Shooters and interior decorators. Any of these groups will pay $100 to $250 depending on condition.

What is the value of the browning patent depose pistol patent number 75U31820?

Can't be answered without a detailed description of the weapon.