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I'm not sure the actual value, but I just came across a used Savage 170C (carbine). The asking price was $145 in good condition.

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When was the savage model 170 series a 3030 made?

the savage model 170 pump rifle was made from 1970-1981.

What is the value of the Savage Model 24 - 3030 -12 gauge?

A Savage model 24 -3030- 12 gauge in good condition is valued at $500. It is a rifle over shotgun combo.

What is the value of a Stevens Savage 3030 model 325-c bolt action?

Hi, depending on condition. should be around the $150.00 range.

How many bullets will a savage model 340 3030 bolt action clip hold?

3 - Three

What is the value of Marlin Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Model 3030?


Where do you find the serial number on a savage model 340a 3030?

I have a Savage Model 340A, 30-30 and it has no serial number. I was told that the older ones did not have any. At the time it was made it was not legally required to have one.

Value of model 94 3030 ser4896125?

100-1000 depending on specifics

What is value of revalation model 3030?

Western Auto did have 30-30 rifles made under their Revelation brand name, but none were Model 3030. If you can repost with the Model number, we may be able to get you a good answer. Sorry-

Where would you find a parts breakdown for savage 3030 pump action rifle I think it is model 170 thank you?

What is the value of a 3030 level action model 100?

50-250 USD or so

What is the year and value of your model 94 3030 Serial number 3262325?

3262325 is 1969.

What is the year and value of a Winchester model 94 3030 serial 3237685?

made in 1969. Value depends on condition

What is the value of a Winchester 3030 model 94 serial number 1735xxx?

Impossible to value with only the serial number.

What is the value of a Marlin 3030 model 1893 26 inch full octagon barrel manufactured in 1902 SN259683?

The Marlin 3030 model is a classic hunting rifle made in 1902. The value of this gun today can reach several thousand dollars.

What is the value of marlin fire arop model 336-sc 3030 cal est 1870 serial f55007?

the cost 3030 cal 336sc

what is The place value of the 33 in 0.30.3 is how many times the place value of โ€‹the 33 in 3030 ?


Is there such a thing as a Charles Russell 3030 Savage rifle?


What is the value of a marlin model 1893 octagonal barrel 3030 and serial number 294777?


What is the value of a Winchester model 94 3030 pre 64 in excellent shape?

at least $300

Need the value on a model 94 3030 Winchester?

100-1000 USD and up depending on specifics

Savage model 1895 serial number 73 dot 276 Octagon Barrel chambered in 3030 Would like to know year of mfg and history of the rifle?

It's a Savage 1899, not 1895, and it was manufactured in 1907.

What is the value of a Stevens Savage 3030 model 325 c bolt action?

The Stevens model 325C,bolt action rifle in 30-30Win.caliber was made from 1947-1950.A rifle of this model will bring between 135-225 dollars,for a example exhibiting between 60%-90% of its original finish,and a good bore.

What is a Savage 24V series D serial E504903 3030 caliber 0ver 20 gauge valued at?

According to the 26th edition of the blue book of gun values. A model 24V in 100% condition is valued at $425 where in 60% condition it is valued at $200.

What is the value of Winchester 3030 model 210?

Could you recheck the model number, (It's stamped in the barrel.) There's no such thing as a model 210 so far as I can tell.

What is the value of a Marlin 3030 model 30A?

The Marlin/Glenfeild 30A have gone up in value. Condition is everything of course. 3-$500 is normal.