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Impossible to answer without correctly identifying the model. S&W made several models chambered in .22 rimfire. Please repost or respond to the email address below with ALL of the markings, number of chambers in the cylinder, etc. Digital pictures would help.


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this question cannot be answered without you providing the model of your revolver,caliber,barrel length,along with the serial number.

I would require much more info to answer your question.Please start with the fact that I am not aware of any Smith and Wesson serial numbers starting with the letter V.Please include the type of Smith and Wesson you have(revolver,semi-auto pistol),the barrel length,the caliber,how many shot if a pistol,the caliber of your Smith and Wesson etc.I can then start to look and find a answer for you.

What is the value of a model 24 Smith & Wesson revolver with a 4" barel? It has never been fired.

Can't be answered without knowing caliber, barrel length, number of shots, finish, whether a revolver or semi-auto.

The Smith and Wesson model 36 is a 5 shot J frame revolver with a 2 or 3 inch barrel. Depending on the condition and age, the revolver may be worth 150 to 500 US dollars.

It should be marked on the barrel.

Please add the following info to help identify your Smith and Wesson handgun.Is it a break open model or revolver,how many shots,what caliber,what barrel length,along with the serial number that you included.

The Model 19 Combat Magnum is a .357 caliber revolver with adjustable sights. It was available with a 2 1/2, 4, or 6 inch barrel, blued or nickel plated. This model was discontinued in 1999.

Sorry, I can not help you with the serial number, but if you tell me the model or if there is no model on it the caliber and barrel length and if the butt is round or square I think I can tell you.

Depends on type of action. Need all of the markings, including the markings on top of the barrel.

Can't be accurately answered without knowing if it is a revolver, semi-auto, caliber, finish, barrel length and all markings.

Caliber should be on the barrel. SN's were not required until 1968

You will need to provide more info on the handgun in question.Please include the model number if possible,the caliber,and barrel length. Also is this firearm a solid frame revolver or a top break action revolver.

Smith and Wesson makes several hammerless revolvers and to my knowledge they range from .22 all the way up to .44 Mag. The easiest way to tell what caliber a gun is chambered in would be to check the barrel or slide markings.

You can get a factory letter for $30 that will give you history. Value will depend on condition, barrel length, caliber, finish, grips, the actual model it is, etc..

It could be one of eleven models. You fail to provide caliber or barrel length and ALL markings that would narrow down which of the eleven;1973

Impossible to answer without knowing if it is a revolver, semi-auto, shotgun, rifle; caliber, barrel length, number of rounds held, finish, etc..

In Smith and Wesson code, the 6 means the gun is primarily made of rust resistant stainless steel. The 37 designates the lightweight version of the model 36 .38 caliber revolver, and lightweight guns have aluminum frames. The -2 designation means that this revolver is the second version of this model. So 637-2 means a stainless barrel and cylinder on an aluminum frame based on a lightweight model 36 revolver in the second version (or first design revision) of this model which is designated model 637. The model 36 and model 37 Smith and Wesson revolver are 5 shot revolvers with a 2, 3, or (recently) a 5 inch target barrel. The 2 inch barrel is the most common version. The model 637 Smith and Wesson 5 shot .38 caliber revolver is only available in a 2 inch barrel.

To many variables to answer the question. You have to specify the caliber, whether it is a rifle, revolver or pistol and if the barrel is standard twist rate for the caliber.

I would need to see some pictures to determine which model you have.

A revolver. Without a detailed description of all markings, features, barrel length, finish, caliber and any papers/accessories, providing any other information is not realistic.

What is the caliber, barrel length, finish, grip material, markings on barrel?

No one answer- depends on many factors, including caliber.

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