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Value won't exceed $500, I've seen them go for as little as $250. Parts are extremely hard to find and the open bolt guns are terribly inaccurate. ATF also is not fond of them.

2006-12-25 01:45:58
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Q: What is the value of a Voere Model 2005 that is an open bolt fixed firing pin cold hammer forged barrel in mint condition showing just wax paper markings on the wood?
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Where is the bore of a firearm located?

The end of the barrel where the projectile leaves the barrel on firing.

Will firing lead shot through a rifled slug barrel cause damage to the slug barrel and if so how?

Firing lead shot through a slug barrel will not damage the barrel. The rifling will distort the shot pattern and you will get less than desireable results.

What are the parts of a colt 1911?

Frame, barrel, trigger, bushing, firing pin, firing pin spring, barrel bushing, hanmmer, strut, backstrap to name a few.

Do you have a picture showing the firing order for a 1994 sunfire?

the firing order is 1-3-4-2

Can you change a single barrel to a two barrel?

Nope. You would still have only one firing pin- but now it would not be in line with EITHER barrel.

A picture showing firing order of 4.6L FORD?

Click the link.

How are bullet casings and bullets used to compare and identify guns used in crimes?

The barrel of a gun has lans and grooves that cause the bullet to spin. These grooves leave distinct markings on the bullet that are like a fingerprint. No two guns leave the same markings on a bullet. The bullet casings are marked by both the firing pin hitting the primer or case rim, and the extractor that grabs the case and ejects it from the weapon. These are also distinct, gun specific, markings.

How can Distinctive markings of shells and cartridges be made?

firing pin , breech block, and extractor and ejector mechanism

What limed firing for barrel l9 mm pistol browning?

Contact Browning.

How can you buy a firing pen for a 410single barrel shot gun?

Start by taking the gun to a gunsmith. There are different firing pins for different guns.

How much is a good condition Japanese Type 99 Light Machine Gun with all markings and bayonet worth if the firing pin is removed to make it a war trophy?

I would like to know the conditions, welcome for any photo supplied.

How do you change firing pins on 311 Stevens double barrel?

go to gun smith

What is the firing sequence for a browning citori over under?

You can select which barrel fires first.

What does the bull barrel for a 10 22 do?

A heavier (bull) barrel is stiffer than a light barrel. It does not vibrate during firing as a light barrel will. Combined with a steadier aim due to the increased weight, the combination produces greater accuracy.

Can a barrel on a high power rifle be warped by firing it multiple times in a row?

Consult your user's manual, as every firearm has unique firing conditions and specs.

What is the firing order for 1995 ford probe GT?

Firing order is 1-2-3-4-5-6. You migth be able to check cylinder numbers by looking at the distributor markings.

Does putting your finger in the barrel of a gun prevent it from firing?

No, but you will lose your hand. See the Related Link.

How do you determine what gun a bullet was shot from?

You compare the rifling marks on the bullet to the rifling in the barrel. You can also compare the firing pin mark on the primer to the firing pin on the gun.

What is a backfire?

A backfire is an act of firing in the opposite direction to intended, for example, a gun being obstructed in the barrel.

What is the purpose of the compensator on the m4 carbine?

Muzzle Brakes reduce the felt recoil and barrel rise when firing a firearm. Flash Suppressors reduce the flash produced from firing a firearm.

What are the three main parts of a rifle and how do they work?

Lock, stock and barrel. Lock holds the firing mechanism, stock gives you something to hold onto, barrel spins the projectile.

Is the 9mm makarov 9x18 compatible in a glock 19?

If you change out the barrel. Yes, it is compatible. It's a drop in barrel. There are no mods needed and it uses the same magazine and firing pin.

Does the Nerf Longshot CS-6 barrel decrease the range?

The Longshot's barrel extension does decrease the firing range, by roughly five feet. This is because the elongated barrel causes more friction with the dart as it travels through it.

What does it mean when you see a pole protruding from the cannon barrel?

There are 3 times that a pole would be in a cannon barrel:First to swab the cannon barrel of debris from previous firing,To ram down the cartridge,Finally to ram down the cannonball.

Can blanks be fired from any Rifle?

Yes, provided the rifle is of the appropriate calibre for the blanks. However, if a Blank Firing Attachment isn't fitted on the end of the barrel, or a dedicated blank barrel isn't used, then it won't cycle the action of an automatic firearm. Furthermore, one needs to be aware that gases emitted from the barrel after firing blanks can be harmful out to 20 feet or more.