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What is the value of a Winchester model 120 Ranger Youth 20 gauge shotgun?


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Since the Winchester plant closed it's doors in New Haven and dropped the 1300 and the 94 lever actions the prices have sky rocketed. And since this was a limited production of only 5000 the collectors have been buying them up. Check them out on Guns of America they are going from $250 in average condition all the way up to $1800 for a new one in the box. As for the question of a youth version, many of the 120's were made into youth versions and given away as gift at Ducks Unlimited dinners to both youths and to ladies wo were lucky enough to win one. The Blue Book of Gun values doesn't even list the shotgun due to it being so rare. Talking with the people who are the so called technical personal at Winchester will be no help either. As I was told most of the people who worked on the project are either dead or retired since these were made over 20 years ago in 1986 thru 1989.


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If you are asking if Winchester made a Ranger model 120/12 gauge shotgun,then the answer is yes.It was the economy version of the model 1200 shotgun which was made from 1964-1981.

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No not to my knowledge but Winchester did.

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The winchester model 120 ranger model shotgun was made between 1964-1981.

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No browning did not,but winchester made a ranger model pump action shotgun.

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The exact value of a Winchester model 120 Ranger 12 gauge shotgun with Winchoke is actually dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors would be the age and condition of the shotgun.

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