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dress daggers of WW2 German military forces has risen in the last few years. Depending on condition and if with scabbard & tassel, it could range from $250 to several hundred dollars. Again, depending on condition.

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When did mauser put straight bolts in there K98k luftwaffe rifles?

There wasn't a specific Luftwaffe Kar98k rifle. The Luftwaffe is the German Airforce, lead by Hermon Georing. The Karabiner 98kurz is just the standard military rifle. It had a 5 bullet stripper clip, and was deadly accurate. The "kurz" at the end of the name means short in German. The previous model was much more longer, but the updated one (Kar98k) was shorter and lighter.

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Which model of the Walther P-38 was adopted by the German Military in 1939?

The model P38, there is no other model

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How many German soldiers won the top award of the Knight's Cross with Diamonds in World War 2 and are their names listed at some site on the web?

There were 7318 Knight's Cross won by German soliders, of these 144 were won by U-Boat members. If you go to and type into the search parameters " winners Iron Cross" you will come up with many hits and more information you can read. Twenty-seven Germans were awarded the Knight's Cross, with swords and "diamonds" on the Silver Oakleaves. One of those twenty-seven went on to receive the highest award of the Knight's Cross, with swords, "diamonds," and Gold Oakleaves. The winners were: Gold Oakleaves and "Diamonds": Erich R�del Stuka Pilot Silver Oakleaves and "Diamonds." Werner M�lders Luftwaffe Adolf Galland Luftwaffe Gordon McGollob Luftwaffe Han-Joachim Marseille Luftwaffe Hermann Graf Luftwaffe Erwin Rommel Army Panzer General Wolfgang L�th Navy U-Boats Walter Nowotny Luftwaffe Adalbert Schulz Army General Hyazinth Graf Strachwitz Panzer General Hermann Balck Army General Bernhard Ramcke Paratroop General Heinz Wolfgang Schnaufer Luftwaffe Albrecht Brandi Navy U-Boat Herbert Gille SS General Hans Hube Army General Albert Kesselring Luftwaffe General (Army)* (see below) Helmut Lent Luftwaffe night fighter Sepp Dietrich SS General Walter Model Army General Erich Hartmann Luftwaffe Ferdinand Sch�rner Army General Hasso von Manteuffel Army General Theodor Tolsdorff Army General Dr. Karl Mauss Army General Dietrich von Saucken Army General ============================== While the requirements to earn the Knight's Cross could change, especially in the Luftwaffe, the following was used at one time: Submarines: Knights Cross for 100,000t sunk. Oakleaves added for 200,000t sunk - - - - - - - - Luftwaffe: 17 Kills = Knight's Cross 40 Kills = with Oakleaves 70 Kills = with Swords 100 Kills = with "Diamonds." John

What model of the walther p-38 was adopted by the German military in 1939?

P-38 Model HP

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What were the initials used to identify world war vehicles?

For example: The M3 Half track meant Model #3 in the series In US there were serial numbers stenciled to vehicles In Germany white letters WH, WL, WK indicated Army:Wehrmacht Heer, Air force: Wehrmacht Luftwaffe and Navy: Wehrmacht Kriegsmarine stenciled on right rear of vehicle

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