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Mint condition, maybe $450. Value drops fast with wear.

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Q: What is the value of a a Colt New Frontier 22 single action revolver with an LR cylinder and an extra 22 magnum cylinder set of plastic and wood grips with brown Hunter 1100G16 holster?
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Gas is to cylinder as revolver is to?


Revolver is to holster as sword is to?


What do you call the leather pouch where a revolver is kept?

A holster.

What is the container of a revolver pistol?

Pistols are contained in a holster.

Where would one buy revolver holsters?

When looking to purchase a revolver gun holster then it may be possible to select and purchase the desired revolver holster online. Websites such as Amazon and Cabelas sell revolver holsters under the heading of "Gun Holsters".

Is a holster available for the Smith and Wesson model 64 2inch hammerless revolver?

Check gun shows

What is the name of Indiana Jones' tool?

Indiana Jones typically has his fedora, whip, shoulder bag, revolver and holster.

What is the value of a High Standard 22 cal 9 shot W-100 revolver with holster?

50-140 or so

What seven letter H word is the name of a leather case for holding a pistol or revolver?

holster u tard munch

What seven-letter H word is the name of a leather case for holding a pistol or revolver?

HOLSTER. Crossword puzzle, huh?

What is a Handgun chamfered cylinder?

A revolver with a chamfered cylinder simply has the front edge of the cylinder beveled rather than the edge of the face of the cylinder being at a right angle to the long axis of the cylinder. This facilitates inserting the revolver in to a holster, and also reduces wear to the holster. Chamfered cylinders were common on older revolvers, but have largely been abandoned by modern manufacturers - probably to save cost on a feature of relatively minor importance. A revolver with a chamfered cylinder is more esthetically pleasing to many shooters, especially those with a taste for tradition. It is available as a customization option from after-market gunsmiths such Bowen Classic Arms Corporation, which refers to it as a "black powder cylinder chamfer" in their catalog. Metallic cartridges were originally loaded with black powder, rather than nitro based smokeless powder as they are now. Old black powder revolvers, particularly Colt and Smith and Wesson revolvers such as the Single Action Army and later the New Century (Triple Lock) had chamfered cylinders.

What is the value of a Colt 45 revolver serial 339167 very good condition includes holster and belt?

100-10000 USD

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