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Mint condition, maybe $450. Value drops fast with wear.


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Pistols are contained in a holster.

A revolver with a chamfered cylinder simply has the front edge of the cylinder beveled rather than the edge of the face of the cylinder being at a right angle to the long axis of the cylinder. This facilitates inserting the revolver in to a holster, and also reduces wear to the holster. Chamfered cylinders were common on older revolvers, but have largely been abandoned by modern manufacturers - probably to save cost on a feature of relatively minor importance. A revolver with a chamfered cylinder is more esthetically pleasing to many shooters, especially those with a taste for tradition. It is available as a customization option from after-market gunsmiths such Bowen Classic Arms Corporation, which refers to it as a "black powder cylinder chamfer" in their catalog. Metallic cartridges were originally loaded with black powder, rather than nitro based smokeless powder as they are now. Old black powder revolvers, particularly Colt and Smith and Wesson revolvers such as the Single Action Army and later the New Century (Triple Lock) had chamfered cylinders.

Indiana Jones typically has his fedora, whip, shoulder bag, revolver and holster.

The Crosman 357 is modeled after the COLT PYTHON. If the Python fits the holster, then the Crosman 357 may also fit. Your just going to have to try it.

Hahn was purchased by Crosman and became the Crosman model 45. In very good condition it is worth between $65-$75, plus $65 to $100 for the holster depending on the condition.

Very collectible revolver - I think you have the serial number incorrect - supposed to be only around 1000 made - in Fair condition $300 to Excellent $800. Holster ?????????

When he sat down to go to the toilet he accidentally shot himself ( he always keeps his revolver in his pants instead of a holster )

I No That It Is A Pancake Holster

Impossible to value with just the information provided. Need finish, condition, box, papers, accessories, etc..

You might use holster in a sentence by saying "I bought a leather holster for my new pistol." You could also use holster as a verb when you say "Holster that gun and we'll move on to the next shooting exercise."

Fredrik Holster was born in 1988.

When it was a single holster it was on the right side, when a double holster there was one on each side.

That would depend on its condition, date manufactured, quality of holster, date holster was made, and what type and quality of jewel there is.

any small umerax or crossman holster

Can't be answered without a DETAILED description of ALL markings, barrel length, finish, sights, stocks, etc..

In general, no. Will depend on the specific holster AND the specific suppressor.

Lucas carried a rifle not a pistol, so he had no holster.

Barney wore his holster and gun on the right side.

Yes, it will fit, but the barrel will not go all the way to the bottom of the holster. Depending on the holster, it may or may not make a difference.

An excellent firearm. It should book out in the $300 to $425 price range depending on the condition.

I'm going to guess that you're referring to an inside the waistband holster and an outside the waistband holster. An inside the waistband holster literally fits inside the waistband of your pants, and a outside the waistband holster fits on the outside of the pants, either using a belt or a paddle. The IWB is normally more concealable because it holds the gun much closer to your body, however, many people consider the IWB to be less comfortable.

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