What is the value of a bicentennial quarter?

In circulated condition, 25 cents. In uncirculated condition, about a dollar. S-mint silver issues and regular proof issues are worth about $2.00 Silver proof issues (still in original plastic capsule) are worth about $3.00 It is (in mint condition uncirculated) 75 cents unless it is a silver special. Check the edge of the coin. If you have a brown or red line it is a standard copper sandwich coin, if not it is 40% silver and worth more. Most BC coins are double to triple the spending worth in average conditions. Good luck getting triple... The golden rule of collecting: "No matter the worth of an item you will only get what someone is will to pay for it."
If you found it in pocket change, it's worth twenty-five cents. If it was struck for circulation but has been kept in uncirculated condition, it may be worth about $2. If it was struck as a proof coin, it is still only worth a few dollars.
They're worth 25 cents.