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What is the value of a model 7600 Remington 308 two years old?


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what is the value of a model 7600 rem 308


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I would contact Remington directly.Their Customer service dept.should be able to help you.

Remington discontinued the Model 760 rifle at the end of 1982 and introduced the Model 7600, Model 76 (cheaper version) in 1983. Yes, it is still being made.

No mate. 7600's first came out in the early 80's, 1981 I believe. Prior to that was the model 760, which is like the older sister of the 7600 and was first catalogued around 1952 I believe. Remington made pump rifles in different models way back to about the time of WWI.

100-600 USD, unless it's a custom shop piece. Values for those are in the 2-8 thousand range.

their retail value new runs between 700 and 1200 dollars depending on style and quality

I've been looking for one for a while and when they were still in production, they were in the range. I belive Remington has ceased production and I've seen them on going for as much as -. Crippen

i have the same rifle, mines the deluxe model ( checkered fore and pistol grips ) and ive seen them for anywhere from 500-800 depending on the condition

1-10 This means the bullet makes one complete rotation every10 inches.

Had me for a minute the model 6 is an old rolling block the model "Six" is a modern variation of the 7600 and no they stopped making it in 1987.

The Gun Digest book Firearms Assembly/Disassembly Vol IV on Centerfire Rifles covers the Remington 760, which is similar in construction and disassembly.

$300 to $500 depending on condition, location, accessories and etc.. They can be replaced for under $600.

Depends on caliber and condition, anywhere from 300 for common caliber in fair condition to 650+ for uncommon caliber in NIB condition.

This is a pump action centerfire rifle manufactured by Remington Arms in Ilion, NY. The serial number of the rifle indicates that it was produced July 1, 1980. The model 760 was produced from 1955 until 1981 when it was replaced by the model 7600 pump action rifle. Approximately 804,600 Model 760 rifle in various calibers were produced during that time. Fred Remington Arms Product Service Manager Ilion, NY 13357

The Remington Model 7400 was Mfg. from 1991 too 2004 , but there are plenty of them for sale on the used market , Long Actions And Short Action .... Avg. Price $200 too $350..... Todays Date is ..... 4/13/2012 The Model 7600 Pump Action is Still in Remington production line today... Todays Date is ... 4/13/2012

Disassemble to do what? To remove the trigger group you need to push out the two pins in the receiver to remove the trigger group. To remove the bolt you need to take the barrel off which requires an armorers barrel wrench.

870 20 ga stock will work on Rem 760 7600

I assume the person is inquiring about the "clip" or "magazine" that holds the bullets in the Remington 7600 pump rifle. The rifle came equipped from the factory with a 4 shot clip. The clip was removeable to provide more ease in unloading and loading the rifle, but can also be lost. It can be ordered from the manufacturer or from other websites. Make sure you order it in the caliber you need.

7600 lb = 3.8 t(US)7600 lb = 3.8 t(US)7600 lb = 3.8 t(US)7600 lb = 3.8 t(US)7600 lb = 3.8 t(US)7600 lb = 3.8 t(US)

300 Savage is the ammunition the gun (a Remington 7600) is chambered for. The ammunition is shorter than the 308 Winchester and has ballistics in between the 30/30 Winchester and the 308 Win. making it an excellent deer gun or any game of medium size. Since even elk were taken with 30/30s in the past, the 300 Savage could probably do the job within a reasonable distance, but it wouldn't be my first choice.The previous model (Remington Model 760) was produced in 300 Savage from 1952-1960. The specific gun you mention (your question without a complete sentence...) (7600 in 300 Savage) is a special limited run with only 300 made in 2007. It has a walnut stock with satin finish and blued metal finish on the steel. Remington website does not list any current models of 7600s that are chambered in 300 Savage. Probably a fiscally conscious decision on Remington's part considering 300 Savage is difficult to find and overpriced when you do.

20% of 7,600 = 20% * 7600 = 0.2 * 7600 = 1,520

50 / 7600 = 0.00657894737

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