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What is the value of a model 94 3030 serial 2742794 unfired with the box?


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Your gun is a 1964, you can run the serial # here:

Maybe $800.....


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I must say that the Winchester model 9422 rifles are starting to show there collectible status out in the gun world.I would say that a unfired(new in the box)condition model 9422 will bring between 500-650 dollars in today,s gun market.

Your Winchester model 1894 which was made in 1970 and is unfired(100%)new condition is valued at 425 dollars.

Year and condition will detrmine value. Even unfired in a box loses finish and has handling wear. Recommend taking it to a Dealer for appraisal

What is the value of a Marlin model 3220CL classic serial 3220CL48?

value depends on overall condition. date of the pistol can be obtained from the S&W factory at: 1-800-331-0852

The Winchester commorative cowboy carbine dates to the year 1970.The value of a carbine unfired(new in the box) is 750 dollars.It will be much less if fired,and no box.

1953. Condition is everything when it comes to firearms. without pictures I can only ballpark your value as between ten dollars and four hundred fifty. If it is unfired in the original box, quadruple that last figure.

Your Winchester model 1894 Buffalo Bill Commemorative will bring 695 dollars for a rifle unfired(new in the box condition) and the issued box and hangtags with it.If fired then the value will be between 250-350 dollars.

If your Winchester model 1894 rifle is new in the box (unfired) then the value is between 425-450 dollars.If the firearm in question has been fired,then the value is based on the original finish of the firearm remaining and a good bore.This will range from 250-400 dollars.

model 660-103 serial 424342 what is the value

And the model is...............?

Value of a gun is based on MAKE, MODEL and CONDITION. Not the serial number. We need all 3. You gave us a model. No answer.

No way to value with just the serial number.

What is the value of a Model 62 Winchester .22 rifle with serial 21072

In July 2015 an unfired specimen in bright nickel with original box, papers, accessories sold on Gunbroker for $3,250.

This model will bring 300 in good condition,400 in excellent condition,and 600 if still new in the box (unfired).

If your Winchester is new in the box and unfired it is selling for 575 dollars.

Impossible to value with only the serial number.

If your winchester centennial rifle is unfired(new in the box) with the box and tags,its value is 675 dollars.

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