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You have what is known as an "Off-Center Strike Error".

This happens more often than you might think. With all the billions of pennies minted, many thousands of these errors find their way out of the mint and into circulation.

Depending on how much off-center your coin is, its value will range from a couple dollars to about $50 -- having a visible date usually adds to its value.


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Q: What is the value of a penny that is only half stamped on the front and back?
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Value non-stamped penny?

i have a penny ,the back is stamped ,the front is slightly stamped like an outline of the face , maybe 2 numbers ,very hard to see

What is the value of a penny that is half stamped on front and back?

These generally sell in the $5 to $10 range.

Do Indian pennies have the word copy stamped on the back?

No, no genuine Indian Head penny is stamped "COPY" on the reverse, or obverse. All such examples are replicas containing no collector value. The only value that such coins have is the value of what they are made out of.

What is the date on the back of a penny?

the date of a penny is on the front

What is the value of a penny which was mis-stamped on the front and back with only the top of Lincoln's torso visible but his head and the date are intact?

With out seeing the coin, it sounds like it maybe an off-center strike error. Show it to a dealer or collector to find out what it is. As to value? Don't expect to retire.

Value of a 1919 wheat back penny?

vlue of a 1919 wheat back penny

Is Abraham Lincoln on the back of a penny?

yes he is on the back of a penny... actuallyy i think hes on the front

What is the value of a 1927 penny with no stamp on back?


What is the value of a 1958 gold plated wheat back penny?

About 1 penny. The gold plating takes away value.

What is the value of a 1922 Australian penny farthing?

A "Penny Farthing" was a type of bicycle, so called because of the disparate size of the front and back wheels which were likened to a Penny and a Farthing. The Penny Farthing bicycle had probably long since fallen from favour by 1922.

What is the value of an 1852 one cent large penny with a woman surrounded by stars on the front and a wreath around the words one cent on the back?

please answer the ?

Half of the penny was stamped and half is still smooth - front and back. What is the value of a 1981 penny that was stamped half way across the penny?

Any coin with a "genuine" minting flaw would have some value, above the usual, as a collectible coin. Genuinely flawed coins are not necessarily known about or documented until somebody turns up with one, since they are an "accident" of the minting process, and have escaped detection during quality control at the mint therefore, a valuation cannot be anticipated. A reputable coin dealer should be able to identify and confirm the coin as genuine and make a valuation.

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