What is the value of a photo dated June 12 1932 that shows Babe Ruth with a Cleveland Indians player two women and has a Cleveland Press photography stamp on the back?

What you seem to have is a press photo, or also known as a wire photo. Press photos are a very collectible, and can sell for hundreds of dollars depending on photo quality, composition, and subject. Other factors in putting a value on the photo is; was the Photo used in a publication? Finding this publication would add value. The photographer that took the photo could also add value. Sometimes this information is provided on the back as well. With the subject being Babe Ruth dated to 1932 this photo would be valued at a high end price. The Cleveland player as well as the women in the photo could also add value. Putting a story behind the photo will only help. find out who the other people in the photo are, and if the date June 12 1932 has any historic significance. The photo in general could be worth between $100. - $200. If you can provide more information with the photo it will sell for more money.