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Can you give more description of your gun? To my knowledge, Colt has never manufactured a lever action firearm. The Model 1902 was a military version of the Model 1878 revolver and available only in 45 caliber. 44 Colt is a black-powder loaded cartridge that was used when converting Model 1860 percussion revolvers to cartridge loading.

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What caliber is a Colt Police Positive serial 24827 with Colt New Police stamped on the frame?

It should have the caliber marked on the barrel,such as"38 Colt New Police".

Where is the caliber number on an 1895-1898 Colt 45 Single Action gun?

on the grip frame.

Ihave old gun with serial no 15605 Has no name or caliber?

Is your Winchester a falling block style single shot? If so, you have a Model 1885. The caliber is stamped on the top of the barrel between the rear sights and the frame ring.

Who makes a 5 shot small frame double action thirty eight caliber with a 4 inch barrel?

Currently, no on that I am aware of.

What is the age and value of Rossi 32 caliber pistol serial number C176519 also has a stamped number 2451 has The Garcia Corp. Wash. D.C. stamped on the frame.?

No published sn data; 40-90 USD or so

Where is the serial number located on 2002 polaris ranger?

i have one of the 2002 models. it is stamped in the frame on the left hand side. Turn the wheels to the right and look at the angle in the frame it is stamped near the top of the frame

Where is the vehicle identification number on a 1975 Wilderness trailer?

The vin is generally stamped into the trailer tongue frame or stamped on a metal plate that is welded to the trailer tongue frame.

How do you find out which frame a 38 caliber Smith and Wesson Chief's Special is?

It is a J frame.

What frame is used for the model 30 32 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver?

I frame

How do i identify a motorcycle frame?

In the US, it's standard for the VIN to be stamped on the frame near the neck.

What is date of manufacture of colt lightning rifle with serial number 13180?

1890 for light frame .22rf caliber and 1886 for mediam frame .32, .38 & .44 caliber

Where can you find the serial on a Lefever double barrel 12 gauge shotgun?

Open the action. It is stamped on the water table, which is the flat part of the frame where the barrels sit.

Where is the serial number located on a 22 caliber colt new frontier revolver?

On the frame and the grip frame.

What is the value of a 5-shot double action revolver serial 288577?

Assuming it is .38 caliber and therefore a J-frame, and without knowing condition, $150-$300

How do you identify a pistol?

Every firearms maker is required to stamp their name, model number and caliber on the firearm somewhere. For hand guns it is usually found on the frame. For long guns, the make and model is usually on the receiver and the caliber on the barrel. Old pistols and some rifles (usually made before 1900) might not have this stamped on it.

Smith Wesson model 10-8 97715 what is the frame and caliber?

I believe it to be a K frame in 38 cal..............

Where do you find the serial number on a Suzuki ATV?

from the rear of the machine look on the frame. It's on the side of the frame near the rear stamped in it.

What is the value of a nickel plated Walther PP in .32 ACP with 3rd Reich wings stamped into the frame and slide?

It would have been worth $400-$1000, depending on the exact marking. Unfortunately, it has been refinished (they were not made in nickel) and it has lost any collectors value. Depending on condition, $100-$150. I am truly sorry-

Where can you find serial number on Winchester model 1887?

The serial number is stamped into the steel on the bottom forward edge of the receiver frame right next to where the magazine tubes enters the action. Bert H.

Where is the serial number on a Winchester model 1887 shot gun?

The serial number was stamped into the bottom forward edge of the receiver frame right next to where the magazine tube enters the action. Bert H.

What is N frame S and W 38 SP CTG?

the N frame is usually the bigger caliber as with 45, 44 and 357...........

Where is the VIN on a Honda CA95?

It is stamped on the left side of the frame, just behind the engine.

What does the letters jpw stamped on a colt 1911 frame represent?

probably the inspectors initials.................

Hopkins and Allen Safety Police revolver The sn is F5662 what caliber is it?

Caliber can not be idenitifed by sn. Take it to a gunsmith if it isn't marked on the frame or barrel.

Where do I find the serial number on a smith Wesson revolver?

Open the cylinder and look at the frame that is usually hidden by the crane. The serial number is stamped on the frame.