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What is the value of a sequentially numbered pair of Winchester Model 94 Golden Spike 30-30s in original boxes if one was never fired and the other fired once?


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2018-04-27 21:28:14
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A guide suggests a value of $350 NIB. Doubt if there would be much of a premium for a sequentially numbered pair. Having One Shot Fired, will make that one less than NIB condition, but as a fancy shooter, it would be worth almost as much.


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If your Winchester model 1894 golden spike carbine is in unfired condition(new in the box),then it is valued at 700 dollars.If your rifle has been fired this price will drop considerably.

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The Winchester serial numbers for the Golden Spike carbines were from GS-1 to GS-69996.these 1969 carbines were made in a total amount of 69,996.

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