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Nothing. It's a fake.

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Q: What is the value of a two headed 1972 D Lincoln penny?
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What is the value of a 1972 s small date Lincoln penny?

No 1972-S small date varieties are known.

1972-S penny value?

It is worth a penny

1972 Lincoln penny?

The coin is just a common Lincoln cent, spend it.

What is the Value of a 1972 wheat penny?

The last "Wheat Penny" was made in 1958, a cent date 1972 is just a cent.

What is a 1972 Lincoln penny worth?

It's worth 2 cents for the copper.

How much is 1972 penny worth?

It is worth face value.

How much is the Lincoln 1972 penny worth?

Only a high grade mint state coin is worth more than face value and that's about 50 cents

The value of a 1972 penny with a snake to the right of Lincoln's face?

Please see the many other similar posts on this site for an explanation of how these novelty pieces are made. They do not have any numismatic value, I'm afraid.

What is the value of a mint 1972 penny?

It's worth 2 cents for the copper.

What is the value of a gold 1972 D penny?

U.S. pennies have never been made of gold. A 1972 penny is worth about 2 cents due to copper content.

How much would a 1972 Lincoln Kennedy penny worth?

The Kennedy counter stamp was not done by the U.S. Mint. It's a novelty coin that has no numismatic collectible value at all.

What is the value of a 1972 Lincoln-kennedy penny?

One cent. It's not a US Mint product. In the years following JFK's death a lot of companies took ordinary cents and used metal punches to stamp his image on the coins, then sell them as "commemoratives". In reality they're considered to be altered coins and novelty items with no added value to a coin collector.

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