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What is the value of a us 1cent blank?

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A 1 cent 'blank' (planchet): 95% copper is worth $3.00, a plated zinc is worth $1.50.

2006-08-27 19:42:03
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What is the value of a 1991 us 1cent coin?

It's just a common Lincoln cent, just spend it.

What is the lowest value of paper currency ever issued by the US Government 1cent or 3 cents?


What is the value of a Utah sales tax token?

Green 1cent plastic tax token

What is the value of this bill a 1834 10.00 bill us blank on the back?

what is the value of a 1834 $10 bill

What is the value of 1874 1cent queen Victoria strait settlements?

in mint comdition Rs= 25,000

What is the ascii value of blank space?

The ASCII value of blank space ' ' is 32.

What is the value of a Lincoln wartime steel penny 1943?

A 1943 steel penny is worth just that 1cent.

Does a blank cell has a numerical value of one?

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What does a blank cell in excel have the numeric value of?

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How much is a 1985 Canada penny?

it is worth about 8 cents in the us and in Canada 1cent

What is8times blank equal?

Need the value of blank.

How much was the first US penny worth?

it was worth 1cent but now its worth bout a half mil.

What is the value of a 1944 wheat penny?

The 1944 Wheat Ear Reverse Lincoln cent was the first US coin to exceed one billion in mintage and is very common and most are face value or 2 cents. Nice uncirculated coins are a dollar or less.

What is the value of a 1961 - D Blank on reverse side?

A 1961 blank what?????

Value of a 1cent Lincoln cent?

For me to relay to you the value of a coin, I will need to know the following: 1. the year in which the coin was minted 2. the mint mark and 3. the mint state.

What is value of a cancelled 1cent 1902 stamp?

Depends on the country and the condition of the stamp. A 1 cent US stamp is worth about .25c A 1 cent Newfoundland stamp is worth either .25c or $4.75 (depending on which stamp it is)

What is the value of a cancelled 1cent stamp of geo Washington from the early 1900?

It costs 25 cents or $4.75 depending on what stamp it is. Hope this was helpful

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1g = 1cent

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