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Sorry no US 20 cent coins dated 1802

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The U.S. did not mint 3 cent pieces in 1802. Silver 3¢ coins were struck from 1851 to 1873. Copper-nickel versions were made from 1865 to 1889.

how much is silver 50 cent piece dated1936 worth

between $50.oo t0 775.00 depends on condition

About $2.00 only for the silver.

The value of a 1960 half dollar of 50 cent piece is about 12 to 90 dollars depending on condition. It is mostly silver, so it would be worth about 7.75 in silver on its own.

.50 in canada .00 in American the silver % is about 28% so if you sold just the silver 1.75$

Its value is 50 cents and has no silver at all in it.

1966 Kennedy half dollar is 40% silver and valued at about $2.50 for the silver.

Value of 1986 fifty cent piece

Look at the again, with a date of 1854 it's not a nickel three cent piece, it should be a silver three cent piece. Post new question.

A 1962 half dollar is 90% silver. The circulated value is $7.01 because of the silver content. The uncirculated value is $20.

The Silver value is $3.05 as of today 3-22-10

Unless you find someone that wants it the value is just for the silver.

If it shows any sign of ware at all the value is for the silver only, that's about $1.00

1965-1970 Kennedy half dollars are 40% silver with a value of about $2.00 for the silver.

50 cents, they are in common circulation and contain no silver.

A 1997 US one cent piece? is a Lincoln cent and only face value.

Need to know the value of 1828 50 cent piece

It is a common year and it is only worth about $4.50 for silver scrap (it is 40% silver).

The US only issued 20¢ coins from 1875 to 1877. If you mean 50 cent piece, please see the Related Question.

In 1866 both the silver and nickel 3 cent piece were struck. So for the silver in MS-60 $840.00 The nickel is $101.00 in MS-60

The coin is still in circulation, contains no silver and is only face value.

what is the value of a 1966 bahama 5 cent

About 75¢ for the small amount of silver it contains.

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