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Q: What is the value of an Earl Campbell record breaker most yards rushing rookie 1978 card. It was printed by Topps Chewing Gum Inc in 1979 and is encased and in mint condition?
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What is a Babe Ruth1916 hof 1936 baseball card worth that is encased in plastic?

$300 - $900 depending on condition

How did fossils get encased in ice?

fossils encased in ice

Is a pie an encased cake?

no. a pie is encased fruit and butter.

What is value of encased Pokemon gold bar of mewtwo made in 1999?

depends on condition but about £10-£50

Why are Many of the vital organs surrounded or encased in bone?

encased for protection

How do you use the word encased in a sentence?

Any humility is securely encased in his huge ego.

What is a sentence with the word encased?

The encased body was laid to it's final destination six feet under.

What is the value of a 1953 presentation set commemorating the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II including the farthing through to the crown?

If it is still encased --about 19.00 singley --it depends on condition.

How did the fossils get encased in ice?

There may have been a heavy snow fall which caused the remains of dead plants and animals to be encased in ice.

What do you call anmials that have spinal cords encased in backbones?

A vertebrate is the name given to the group of animals that have there spinal cords encased in there backbone.

Is the spinal cord encased in bone to help protect it?

yes it is encased to keep for any mishaps occurring and damaging the spinal cortex:)))

What is a synonym for encased?

look on

What is encased timber knot?

A knot that is not intergrown with the surrounding wood; a dead-knot-1.Read more: encased-knot-1

Skeletal muscle fibers are encased in?


How many syllables are in the word encased?


What organ is encased in the prostate gland?


Are bubbles liquid solid or gas?

They are not solid; however, they can be gas encased by liquid, or liquid encased by gas. There are 2 parts to a bubble and it depends on which type you are inquiring about.

When did the US start using leather for footballs?

The earliest footballs used in the US were usually bladders from pigs that were inflated and encased in rubber. In 1876, the Intercollegiate Football Association made changes in the shape and makeup of the football from a round shape encased in rubber to an egg shape encased in leather.

Is silver worth more encased in plastic?

No it's not.

What is a Dessert fruit encased in bread called?


What is the glomerulus encased in?

Glomerular capsule or Bowman capsule

The spinal cord is encased in bone to help protect it?


What is the outer layer of the nucleus?

The nucleus is encased in the nuclear envelope.

The spinal cord is encased in bone to help protect it.?


What is a flowering plant that produces seeds encased in fruits?

A flowering plant that produces seeds encased in fruits is the strawberry plant. This helps with reproduction by allowing animals to consume the fruit and distribute the seeds.