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The Army published a manual TM 30-103 Italian Language Guide that is pocket-size and was 61 pages. This booklet is valued at approximately $5 to $10. I've seen these and other language guides on eBay quite often.

The more valuable ones are language booklets for some odd Middle East country or such.


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Dunkirk was a famous episode in 1940 in which?

Allied troops were evacuated across the English Channel

What region did Allied troops take first after securing northern Africa?

In Europe, Sicily, a large Italian island.

How many allied troops were killed?

12,000 allied troops died that day.

How did Mary of guise die?

she was on the verge of defeat by an allied army of Scottish rebals and English troops

How many Allied Forces troops fought in D Day?

Over 170,000 Allied troops fought in D-Day.Over 170,000 Allied troops fought in D-Day.

How many allied troops involved in Normandy?

There were around 156,000 allied troops involved in D-Day/Normandy landings. 12,000 of those allied troops died that day.

How did the British get the British and French to retreat to the English side of the Channel?

By the evacuation of 338,000 Allied troops from Dunkirk.

What type of warfare was used in the Allied invasion of Italy and how many Allied troops were in the invasion?

Allied troops found many death and concentration camps.

How did the arrival of new American troops affect the spirit of the Allied troops?

The arrival of new American troops brought a new sense of hope to the Allied troops. Allied troops were tired and feeling like the war would never end, the new troops brought energy, hope, and enthusiasm.

What body of water would British troops have to cross to fight Germany?

Allied troops crossed the English Channel on 6 June 1944 to land in France and eventually make their way to Germany.

How many more troops did the Allied Powers have than the Central Powers?

19 million troops. Allied powers had 42 million troops mobilized central powers had 23 million troops mobilized

Why did US join the allied troops?

Allied powers* because they were attacked by japan.

Which crops supported World War 1 allied troops?

The energy-producing cops supported the World War 1 allied troops.

Who were the troops that invaded hitlers bunker making him kill himself?

The allied troops

What is the name if the English Channel that Allied troops had to be rescued on?

You are probably thinking about Dunkirk which is a French port on the English Channel (la Manche) where 338,000 mostly British (but some French) troops were evacuated in June 1940 from the advancing German army.

How many allied troops landed in Normandy on D-Day?

An estimated 156,000 allied troops landed in Normandy on D-Day in 1945.

What divisions existed among allied troops in Europe?

Most divisions that occur among the allied troops are divisions related to race, gender, and equality.

How many allied troops survived after D-Day?

In total, there was 156,000 Allied troops which were involved with D-Day. This included 15,000 Canadians, 60,000 British and 75,000 US troops.

How much did the americens armor weigh wile fighting on d day landings?

No Allied troops wore body armour. It did not exist then. Steel helmets was it.No Allied troops wore body armour. It did not exist then. Steel helmets were it.

Did Allied troops defending Bataan surrendered in April 1942?

Yes. 76,000 Allied Troops surrendered to the Japanese on the Bataan Peninsula on April 9th, 1942.

What body of water did british troops cross to fight Germany?

As Britain is an island, they had to cross the English Channel to get to mainland Europe. Later in the war, Allied troops had to cross the River Rhine to get to the heart of Germany.

Why was the significance of the Allied Victory at the Suez Canal?

allied troops gained control of north Africa

What was the significance of the allied victory at the Suez canal?

Allied troops gained control of North Africa

When did concentration camps end?

When Allied troops liberated them.

What area did allied troops invade in 1942?