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Google "Ithaca Featherweight". You'll see them for sale ranging from $150 in good condition to $300 and up in excellent condition. You would never get mine, I wouldn't sell it - my favorite shotgun. I would want about$250 for mine, if it were for sale. But it's not. I shot quail and pheasant in south Georgia with my Dad when I was 12 years old. I believe the place was called Pulaski Game Reserve. Anyway, we filled the bag and rode back to Atlanta. The gun has been cleaned after each use, and you can still barely see the etched hunting scene on the side of the breech. The action is still smooth, and I am popular in the duck blind, since the bottom eject doesn't throw hulls at my friends. Alan According to the blue book it's $125-$250.

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Q: What is the value of an Ithaca Featherweight 12ga?
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What is the value of an Ithaca 1976 bicentennial 12ga model 37 pump ser?

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What is the difference between Ithaca model 51 Featherweight and a Ithaca model 51 deerslayer?

Technically they are both "Featherweight", but the Deerslayer had a shorter barrel with rifle sights for shooting slugs or buckshot. It could also be fitted with a scope.

What year was your Ithaca model 37-featherweight sn 371411449 produced?


What is the age and value of an Ithaca Featherlight Deerslayer 12ga 234 pump model 371564993?

The Featherlight Deerslayer 12 gauge is a hunting rifle made by the Ithaca Gun Company. These guns are very modern and are worth around 1,000 dollars.

What is a Ithaca 16 guauge featherweight worth?

i payed $125 for mine then had it hotpank blued. now it looks new.

Ithaca model 37 featherweight deerslayer and you are looking for a barrel for shooting ducks and maybe trap shooting?

trevor jeffrey

What is the value of a 12 gauge Ithaca featherweight shotgun?

My grandfather had this gun, then my dad, now me. It is worth roughly 400-500 dollars pending condition. I recently saw one at Cabelas good condition for $475

What is the value of a Browning magnum 68v-12ga?

No way to answer without the sn and a detailed description.

What is the age and value of an Ithaca model 37 featherweight model number 408883?

your gun was made in 1952 it hard to say the value depends on the condition of the gun i would say it could be worth anything from $100 to $500 depends on the condition and who got the Cash to pay for it

Is the Ithaca model 37 featherweight a good gun?

The Ithaca model 37 has been manufactured pretty much unchanged since 1937, so you be the judge if it's a good gun. The name was changed to model 87 in 1987 but changed back to model 37 around the year 2000. I see no listing for "Featherweight" although there is a "Featherlight".

What is the age and value model 20 12ga?

Hopkins and Allen arms co. 12ga serial #5832006

What is the value of an Ithaca 12ga Grade 7 Double barrel shotgun with Serial no 200811?

Impossible to answer at long distance. The Ithaca grade 7 was made in several variations in the 1920s. These are extremely expensive, with values in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for a gun in very good condition. It WILL require a hands-on appraisal. Sorry-

What is the value of a Winchester model 12 Featherweight shotgun serial 1837029F?

The value of a Winchester model 12 Featherweight shotgun is dependent upon a number of factors. The most import being the condition of the shotgun.

What is the value of a 45 to 50 year old 12 gauge Ithaca Featherweight in good condition?

Answer value of older Ithaca 37depends on the condition, but you could be as low as $100.00 to 150.00 Canadian. Ithaca 37's do not seem to get a real high price used even though they have been out of business for 20 25 years ? i have a model 37 1974 deluxe 30 " v.r. modified and an deerslayer barrel with 2 stocks one short with recoilpad and one long stock without pad. $450.00 ,about a 925.00 value and i can't sell it.

Where can you get a disassembly book for my Ithaca model 37 12 gauge featherweight shot gun? hope that helps

What is the value of this Ithaca 45 pistol with serial no 2652615?

made by Ithaca in 1945

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How much is my Ithaca featherlight 12ga Deerslayer serial number 371230152 worth?

Made in 1972. Probably worth about $350.

What is the value of your eagle arms 12GA companion?

The value of a Eagle Arms 12GA companion varies slightly by its condition. As of 2014 the estimated valued of this item in excellent condition is 150.00.

The value of a Ithaca shotgun?


What is the value of an Ithaca 25 automatic pistol?

AFAIK, Ithaca never made a 25.

Value of 16 gauge Ithaca pump shotgun?

what is the value of 12 gauge skb double barrel ithaca 1900 model

What is the age and value of an Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight 12 gauge shotgun serial 530874-4?

Double check that number, I cant recall any hypenated serial numbers on Ithacas. In any event, Ithaca 37's in 12ga, field grade, sell in the $150-$300 range.