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Not much around a hundred bucks at best- I wouldn't trust this gun to shoot straight or handle powerful rounds-

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What is the value of Rohm RG38 special?

10-80 USD or so

What is the value of a rohm rg38?

$50, +- 15, depending on condition. Low dollar, low quality.

What is the value of a 38 special model 38-T by ROHM in Germany?

25-65 USD or so

Was rohm made by colt?

No, made in Germany. No collector value.

What is the value of a set of 38 special rg63 by rohm?

50-300 USD or so

What is value of rohm rg3 pistol?

very low. considered a Saturday night special.......unsafe.

Rohm 22 cal made in Germany sn127182 how much is it s value?

15-40 US dollars

A 38 special hand gun call Liberty by Rohm?

Inexpensive, not to durable, minimal value (50-75 USD)

What is the cost of a 22 caliber rohm 6 shooter gun?

The Rohm or RG revolvers were made in West Germany. They are low cost handguns of indifferent quality. Value would range from $25-$70, depending on condition.

What is the value of a rohm cal38 special pistol with a 4 inch barrel mod 38 s?

20-60 USD or so

What is the value of a rohm rg3 pistol?


Where do you go to find value on rohm 38?

Most Rohm revolvers were considered low quality/ low value firearms. Depending on condition, $100.

What is the value of a Rohm RG10 22 cal pistol serial number 536481?

rohm is an old German import. no value and not too safe to shoot.......

What is the value of Rohm 38?

15-50 USD

What is the value of a rohm r96 9mm?


Need a history on a 22 short Rohm Gmbh Sontheimbrenz the 68 in a circle RG10 made in Germany sn 1273922?

in good condition how much value?

What is the value of a rohm rg20 pistol?

20-30 USD

The value of a ruger rg23?

I do not believe you have a Ruger, but an RG- Rohm Gemeinschaft. Two very different companies. The RG is generally a low value, low quality firearm that was made in Germany. Value is based on condition, but may be $25-$75.

What is rg 10 rohm 22 cal?

Inexpensive revolver made in Germany

What is a rohm 38 special pistol worth?

$65-$120 depending on condition

What is the value of a Rohm Mod 66 22 MAG?


What is the value of a Rohm Model 66 Pistol?

20-50 USD

What is a rohm gmbh 22?

Small, inexpensive 22 LR revolver made in Germany.

Who made a six shot 22 caliber revolver in Germany?

Sauer, Schmidt, Rohm

Rohm gmbh sonthiem brz 38 special derringer?

50 USD or so