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Alot of money 6000

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Q: What is the value of an autographed gold 1992-1993 Topps rookie card featuring Shaquille O'Neal?
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What is the value of an autographed Shaquille O'Neal rookie basketball?


What is the value of a shaquille o'neal autograph rookie card?

The value of a mint condition Shaquille O'neal autographed rookie card is worth a good $60.00+

How old Shaquille O'Neal when he got rookie?

shaq 20 years when was a rookie .

What were Shaquille O'neals accomplishments?

Rookie of the year 1993

What year was Shaquille O'Neal's rookie year?


What is the value of a Shaquille O'Neal nba 1992-1993 rookie of the year Orlando Magic collector's plaque with 8x10 autographed photo certificate of authenticity?

between two and three hundred

What is the value of an autographed vince carter 1999 rookie of the year spalding basketball in the box?

The value of the 1999 Spalding autographed basketball featuring rookie of the year Vince Carter, Toronto Raptors, is approximately worth $100. The basketball is a limited edition - 5,000 in circulation. The value may be plus $30-$40 in the Toronto marketplace.

Nolan Ryan card?

You need to be more specific. Is it autographed? Rookie? Jersey Card? Autographed- maybe $200 Rookie- 40-45 Jersey- $76

Classic Shaquille O'Neal rookie card autographed with separate certifificate of authenticity SB20 468 of 993 Anyone know value of this card?

Depending on the condition, it could be worth 25-75 dollars.

What is the value of a autographed rookie card Jimmy Jackson?


What is the value of a Shawn Alexander autographed rookie card?


What is Darryl Sittler's autographed Rookie card worth?


How much is an autographed Shaun Alexander rookie worth?


What is an autographed Patrick Roy rookie card worth?

value for patrick roy rookie card signed

How much is Shaquille O'Neal rookie of the year promo card worth?


How much is the Shaquille O'Neal fleer rookie card?

100$ 100$

What is the value of a Shaquille O'Neal graded NMMT8 rookie card?


Where can i sell Shaquille O'Neal's rookie card?

You can sell your Shaquille O'Neal rookie card at any sports memorabilia shop near you. You can also try to advertise the card on local classified ads.

What is a personally autographed Herman Moore rookie card worth?

its a personally autographed STAR rookie card, autographed w a blue sharpie by Herman himself and given 2 me as a young kid by hermans wife! I think its a topps brand!

What is the value of autographed baseball card for rookie Ira McKnight?


What is the value of a 1991 bernie Williams rookie card autographed?


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How much is a Ryan braun autographed rookie baseball card?


What is the value of Dennis Bose Biddle autographed rookie card?


How much is a autographed brian urlacher rookie card worth?