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This model gun "Knickerbocker"was made by several companies but most noteably "American Gun" around 1900--1930 in upstate New York. You can also see them in old reprinted Sears & Roebuck cataloques. Many parts are still available through Numerich Arms, also in uptate NY. I know this because I purchased one 15 yrs ago with a tight action but a broken rear stock for fifty. I had to have a gunsmith rebore it to 2 3/4" because all early 16ga shotguns were bored to 2 9/16" and many old 16ga barrels have failed when modern ammo is used. I then bought a partially finished stock, a few other parts and had a winter project. The gun came out nice and fires well. I have fired several hundred rounds through it since it's restoration without a problem.

However, these were never considered high value guns (note they are some of the least expensive in the old Sears cat.) and still are not to this day and I'm not sure why. They seem to be at least as well made as pre-war Fox or LeFever field grade shotguns that sell for much more, especially in 16ga. Now the bad news. I occasionally see them for sale in highly variable condition for a about a hundred for a project gun like mine to about four hundred in nice shape. I have recently seen a few for sale on so you can check out my accuracy for yourself.

Hope this helped,

Mark S.

P.S. Someone keeps deleting the safety message in my answer concerning the length of old 16ga ammo and my opinion as to the value. I have had to retype it several times. PLEASE STOP IT. If you don't agree with my answer, post your own opinion and leave mine alone.

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Q: What is the value of double barrel 16 gauge Knickerbocker?
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