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This is not an expensive firearm and any value over a run of the mill 336 would be to a Marlin collector. Used and in great shape,( no marks on the stock, bluing 100% and the gun in unfried condition) the gun might go as high as $300.

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Q: What is the value of the 30-30 Centennial lever action with the gold piece in the stock?
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Were can you get a stock for a 1873 lever action 45-70?

On line.

Where to get a 30-30 Centennial lever action with gold piece in the stock?

Your best bet may be to check through the firearm auction websites. Firearms sold through on-line auctions must be shipped to a dealer in your home state, where you would complete the same processes as if buying the gun from that dealer. While there are other local sites, perhaps the 3 largest such sites are gunbroker, gunauction, and gunsamerica.

What is the value of a 1915 Favorite single shot lever action 22 long missing the stock?

20 USD or so

How do you re move the bolt from a western field m842a?

First you need to remove the stock, then behind the bolt is a plastic piece. There is a metal lever you pull down on it, after you pull it down pull the piece back while holding the lever. After the piece is removed open the bolt and pull it back.

Western Auto 22 lever-action rifle revelation R117A?

I believe you have a Mossberg model 400 Palomino. It a .22 lever action tubular magazine walnut stock made 1959-64.. Around $100 in good condition.

What is the value of a 3855 Winchester Lever action Gun?

About $600 unless in REALLY GOOD original condition with only light marks on the stock.

What are the Charicteristics of a Winchester model 94 built in 1966?

Lever action, blued steel, wood stock, most likely chambered in 30/30

How do you remove the stock from a 30-30 Glenfield Model 30 lever action?

Remove the large screw visible in the top tang behind the hammer. Bump the stock off to the rear using the heel of your hand against the comb of the stock.

Old 22-250 bolt action rifle and it says springfield on it it has a real wood stock and a raised cheek piece.?

What is your question?

What is your marlin rifle 22 caliber bolt action centennial editon 1878-1978 gold medaillion embedded in the stock worth?

Check the auction sites or find a copy of the Blue Book of Gun Values.

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King mfg produced a toy lever action cork gun dec 2 1913 stamped on walnut stock in script American soldier co any info on this group have heard of 2 others?

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