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This is not an expensive firearm and any value over a run of the mill 336 would be to a Marlin collector. Used and in great shape,( no marks on the stock, bluing 100% and the gun in unfried condition) the gun might go as high as $300.


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Your best bet may be to check through the firearm auction websites. Firearms sold through on-line auctions must be shipped to a dealer in your home state, where you would complete the same processes as if buying the gun from that dealer. While there are other local sites, perhaps the 3 largest such sites are gunbroker, gunauction, and gunsamerica.

First you need to remove the stock, then behind the bolt is a plastic piece. There is a metal lever you pull down on it, after you pull it down pull the piece back while holding the lever. After the piece is removed open the bolt and pull it back.

I believe you have a Mossberg model 400 Palomino. It a .22 lever action tubular magazine walnut stock made 1959-64.. Around $100 in good condition.

About $600 unless in REALLY GOOD original condition with only light marks on the stock.

Lever action, blued steel, wood stock, most likely chambered in 30/30

Remove the large screw visible in the top tang behind the hammer. Bump the stock off to the rear using the heel of your hand against the comb of the stock.

Look at the underside of the rifle, it will probably be stamped into the action up by where it meets the wooden fore stock. If it's not there, look at the metal tang that attaches the shoulder stock to the action. The number may be etched into that strip just behind the lever.

Does your rifle have "Westernfield" stamped on it? Regardless, the Montgomery Ward department store lever action in .22 calibre, in mint condition, would have a value of $350.00 Naturally, the more dings and nicks on the stock, or bluing wear, would devalue the rifle.

You have a Marlin 336. Try these sources: Numrich Jack First Bob's Gun Shop

Try Numrich Arms if you want a used factory original.They have a website and a large inventory of used parts.

It is typically referred to as "round bar stock".

Take the barrelled action out of the stock, and at the front left side of the reiciver there is a little release lever, pull it down and remove the bolt while holding trigger back.

The first Model Marlin 39 was made from 1922-1938.There were no Marlin model 39 lever action rifles made in 1900.

Very short. The action is back at the rear of the stock, and the trigger well forward of the action.

Look at the underside of the gun, the number will be stamped into the action by the wooden forestock.On some very early models, it was hand etched onto the lower tang that connects the shoulder stock to the action, just behind the lever.

I just purchased a 94AE lever action 30/30 with a scope, serial # is 6369611 , and paid $349 in exellent condition. Mine has a composite stock and holds 4 rounds, 5 if one is chambered. I purchased it from a certified dealer and was completely inspected by a gunsmith and they gave me a one year warranty.

This is a piece of or ownership pieces of a company that you can obtain wages depending on sizes.

The stock...some have two piece wooden stocks - called fore stock and butt stock.

1965 NEBRASKA CENTENNIAL 30-30 cal. 2500 mfg. Matte blue receiver, medallion in stock, 20" round barrel If NIB with all papers, action never cycled, @ 1400

Depending on EXACTLY what you have, its condition, finish, stock, sights, papers, accessories, history, box, etc., anywhere from 50-5000 USD or more.

I have a 22 cal lever action rifle 100 year anniversary edition . And I was told It was valued about 500 dollars.

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