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In the condition that you describe,your rifle will be valued at 650 dollars.

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Q: What is the value of the Winchester Canadian Centennial 1967 in the box never shot and with the gold Calgary stampede coin?
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Which Canadian city is famous for its stampede?

Calgary, Alberta

What is entertainment in the Interior Plains?

The Canadian Finals Rodeo and The Calgary Stampede

Is there a Winchester Calgary Stampede Commemovative 32 Special rifle?

Yes, 1000 made

What are the tourist attractions in the interior plains?

calgary stampede,canadian mounted police,and royal tyral museum

When was Calgary Stampede created?

Calgary Stampede was created in 1886.

What is the Canadian rodeo called?

One of the big rodeo events in Canada is called the Calgary Stampede.

Who owns the stampede grounds in Calgary?

The Stampede is held at Stampede Park: it is owned by the city but the events and grounds are managed by the Calgary Stampede not-for-profit organization.

What is Calgary famous for?

Calgary is famous for the Calgary stampede.

Which province host the Calgary stampede in Canada?

The city of Calgary, where the Calgary Stampede takes place, is in the province of Alberta.

What is Calgary known for?

Calgary Stampede

What is Calgary famouse for?

The Calgary Stampede

What is the value of a 1977 Calgary Stampede dollar?

what is a 1977 and 1979 Calgary Stampede Dollar worth

In which month does the Calgary Stampede take place in 2013?

The Calgary Stampede takes place in the month of July in 2013. The specific dates are July 5th through the 14th. The Calgary Stampede is a huge rodeo.

Who invented the Calgary stampede?

The first promoter who organized the rodeo which grew into the Calgary Stampede was Guy Weadick.

What city in Alberta is home to the Stampede the world's largest rodeo?

Calgary, Alberta It is called the Calgary Stampede.

Is the Calgary Stampede the first stampede in Alberta?

No, there were many stampedes in Alberta long before the Calgary Stampede was founded. The same with rodeos, as ranches that established themselves in the province of Alberta (and other provinces like B.C. and Saskatchewan) always liked to host local rodeo competitions between the Canadian cowboys and cowgirls that lived and worked on such ranches.

What is the name of Calgary's famous rodeo?

The Calgary Stampede

What actors and actresses appeared in Calgary Stampede - 1948?

The cast of Calgary Stampede - 1948 includes: Art Gilmore as Narrator

What are some tourist attractions in the interior plains?

There is the Canadian Finals Rodeo and the Calgary Stampede, if you're talking about the Canadian Interior Plains. There is also the many national parks, such as Elk Island, Jasper and Banff.

What are the release dates for Calgary Stampede - 1948?

Calgary Stampede - 1948 was released on: USA: 29 May 1948

What are the ratings and certificates for Calgary Stampede - 1948?

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What has the author Fred Kennedy written?

Fred Kennedy has written: 'The Calgary Stampede story' -- subject(s): Calgary Stampede

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Promotional caps for the Calgary Stampede can be found at the official cafe press website. This site allows the user to sign up and add items to their cart for convenient checkout. It features a variety of Calgary Stampede hats in different colors and phrases.

Where are the free stampede breakfasts 2010 in Calgary?

Where are the Stampede breakfasts in the SE for July 13