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What is the vegetation of the Amazon basin?


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There are many, many many types of vegetation in the Amazon basin, from orchids and bromeliads to a native tropical fruit tree called the abiu. Much of the vegetation in this region is unknown and yet to be discovered, so it's really hard to make a list of all the plant life of the Amazon Basin.


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what is the vegetation of amazon basin?

The vegetation of the Amazon basin is mainly rainforest. This is a tall closed canopy forest with strong shading and little understory vegetation, except in areas where trees have fallen. In general the soil is poor and roots do not penetrate deeply, so larger trees do fall quite frequently.

Amazon basin is belongs to the amazon rain forest. It is in south america.

The Amazon basin is located in Brazil.

Yes indeed the Amazon basin is a landform.

amazon basin is located in south America

Yes, most of the Amazon Basin is cropland.

The average temperature in the amazon basin is 72-91

The equatorial region has a dense forest cover known as tropical rain forest or selvas in the Amazon basin.

Australia is 10% larger then the Amazon Basin

climatic conditions in the Amazon basin are hot and wet.

The Amazon River Basin Major river basin?? major river is the amazon river so it must be the AMAZON RIVER BASIN!!!!!!:)

The word "basin" refers to the portion of a valley from which water drains into the river, and then to the sea. The Amazon Basin is another way to refer to the Amazon River Valley in northern and central South America.

A river basin is any area of land that drains into a river system. The Amazon Basin is one specific river basin, namely all the land that drains into the Amazon River system (meaning: including all the streams and creeks that in turn flow into the Amazon.)

describe the amazon river basin region in Brazil

---- ====== ====== The Vegetation in the Amazon Rainforest is very dense and thick and I think it is BEAUTIFUL!

Chile is a country that does not contain a portion of the Amazon Basin. The area of the basin is roughly 2,670,000 square miles.

they live in the amazon basin

The vegetation varies from rain forests to grasslands and desert scrub. It ranges from the thick trees of rain forest to the mosses of tundra. There are factors, such as big changes in elevation, massive mountains in the region.

The Amazon Basin is home to thousands of species of animals only found there.

It would be the amazon basin because the vegetation and wetness helps provide many species of life.

The latitude and longitude of the Amazon Basin are 44 degrees 50.406' S, 167 degrees 30.448' E. The Amazon Basin covers a total of 2,670,000 square miles.

The Amazon Basin is the part of South America drained by the Amazon River and its tributaries. The basin is located mainly (40%) in Brazil, but also stretches into Peru and several other countries.

The Amazon basin is the drainage area of the Amazon River in South America. It is mostly a tropical rainforest with an abundance of plant and animal life.

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