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howmani voltage input in a complputer

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Q: What is the voltage of a laptop battery?
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How can you on laptop wihtout using battery?

we can use a dc voltage directly from a dc source with parameters equal that of the battery

If you buy a replacement battery for a laptop but has a different voltage do you buy a new adapter as well?


How can i charge my car battery from home using a laptop charger?

Sorry, but that is not likely to work. Both the voltage and amperage provided by a charger for a laptop battery will not be correct for a car battery. It is likely that you will damage the charger.

What is the Formula you can use to find the capacity of a laptop battery?

Wattage = Outage Voltage + Outage Wattage

Can i use 14 voltage batterie on my laptop instead of 11.1 voltage?

In general, No. You should use the battery voltage that is designed for the laptop. Using a different voltage will result in a degradation of performance, and it could damage the power supply circuitry in the laptop. If, however, the manufacturer certifies 14V batteries in your 11.1V laptop, then go ahead, but do so only if certified, otherwise you risk damaging your laptop out of warranty.

What in the world are laptop chargers?

Laptop chargers are plug-in cords and voltage adapter boxes that come with your laptop so that you may keep the laptop's battery charged. Your computer should have come with one.

Will a higher-current rated battery ruin your laptop for example a 7800 mAh battery instead of a 6600 mAh one?

The number that you refer to is the ampacity of the battery. The higher the number the longer the battery will operate in the device. As long as the voltage output of the two batteries are the same it will not ruin your laptop.

What is the standard voltage of a laptop charger?

the voltage of a laptop charger is in between fifteen to twenty four voltage.

What does input volts and output volts mean?

The terminology would typically reference a device such as a power supply, charger, diverter or transformer. The Input Voltage is the voltage supplied to the device to make it work. The Output Voltage is what the device supplies to an application. For example, a power supply for a laptop might convert 120 VAC to a voltage like 19.5 volts (A Sony Laptop) for charging a laptop battery.

What correctly describes the impact produced by Voltage Depression of the laptop battery?

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Is laptop weight with or without battery?

The battery is a component of the laptop but is not a part of the Laptop itself.

Do you want a good laptop battery?

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