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The answer to that would differ a lot depending on what tire you're thinking about, and what the pressure is. Tires come in very different sizes, with very different volumes.

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Q: What is the volume of air in a bicycle tire?
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Is there a limit to the amount of air that can be pumped into a bicycle tire?

Yes there most certainty is a limit to the amount of air that can be pumped into a bicycle tire. Put too much air in the tire and it will explode. The maximum air pressure for the tire is listed on the sidewall of the tire.

What does tire pressure mean in a bicycle?

how much air is in the tire

When would the air pressure inside a bicycle tire be lowest?

When you are not sitting on it.

Who is the inventor of the Air filled bicycle tire?

Air fille bicycle tires were invented by John Dunlop.

What would you put in your bicycle tire to inflate it?

air with an air pump

What does a bicycle tire gauge measure?

ANY tire gauge measures air pressure in PSI.

How many PSI of air is in a 29-inch bicycle tire?

The inflation pressure is on the sidewall of the tire.

What is a bicycle tire?

A bicycle tire is a tire which fits on the wheel of a bicycle or similar vehicle.

How does air in bicycle wheel work?

It uses air to hold its shape and to support the bicycle. The compressive nature of the air allow a certain amount of tire material to give traction with the ground.

What causes the air pressure in a bicycle tire?

Air is put in with a pump or a compressor, either way it becomes pressurised to inflate the tire.

When you pump air into the tire of a bicycle what is the state of air in the tire?

Because I don't know what your teacher is looking for:At a pressure above atmosphericCompressedConfined

What happens when you pump up a bicycle tire?

Air goes in it the pressure increases and the tire becomes harder. If you keep pumping it'll eventually blow up.