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The wal-mart discount is 10% off on all general merchandise items ( apparel, electronics, Garden toys ets.) However wal-mart employees do not get discounts on items that are on sale or Grocery products with the exeption of drinks and candy. However as of late, as a Walmart associate i have not been receiving discounts on 2 liter coke products and gatorade.

Canadian Wal-mart staff members are also given 10% off, but it applies to all merchandise, not including particular sale items (the discount still applies to flyer roll-backs). Additionally, Canadian Wal-mart staff receive additional business discounts through other companies, such as Canada's Wonderland, or at McDonalds (in a franchise location housing a McDonalds).

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Q: What is the wal-mart employee discount?
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What is the walmart employee discount?

It is 10%.

How much is the employee discount at walmart?


How can you get a new Walmart employee discount card?

You get your Wal-Mart Employee discount card in the mail after three months of working there.

Can you use your walmart employee discount when shopping online?

Yes you can !! I was adviced from an Walmart employee that you have to register on WIRE , once you are register you can get 10 % discount on the web as well.

Do walmart employees get a discount at sam's?

no direct discount, but being an employee gives u a discount on the membership cost

Can the Walmart employee discount card be used on a Walmart online purchases?

Yep! Register your discount card to your account at the very bottom of where it says "Associate Discount."

Is there employee discount in Walmart?

No there is not only discount you can get is to purchase a Sam's club card and hit the cafe cause a hot dog combo is just about the only thing your getting a discount on..

How can you get a new wal mart employee discount card?

The discount card i have comes up deleted i still work at the Walmart in Mount prospect 1681

Can an employee of Walmart shop at sams?

Yes, a walmart associate can shop at Sam's Club. At walmart a employee (associates) will get a discount (10% on most things), whereas at Sam's Club they will be treated as they are just a customer. They will still need to obtain a membership of Sam's.

What discounts and benefits does a walmart employee receive?

Walmart employees do not receive health benefits if they are not managers. They each receive a 10 percent discount that can't be used on food.

How much is Hobby Lobbys employee discount?

I have heard that the employee discount is 15%

Do Walmart Employees get a discount?

Yes, they get a 10% discount.

What is Kohl's employee discount?

The discount is the basic discount available to the general customers.

Can you use your sams card to receive discount gas from walmart?

No, you only get the discount with a Walmart gift card.

Walmart employee discount on iPad?

With over 8 million items, Walmart is the largest retailer in the United States. Walmart boasts everyday low prices, rollback discounts daily on popular items, and easy ordering online with FREE pickup in store as soon as today!

Do Macy's employees get an employee discount online?

Yes, it's the same discount as in store, but you must make the purchase with the employee's Macy's card account to get the discount.

Explain the difference between employer and employee associations?

An employer hires (or employs) people and an employee works for the employer. So if you work at Walmart, you are an employee of walmart or employed by walmart. Walmart is your employer. -T.W.K

How do you use a Target employee discount?

Become a Target employee

How much are Disneyland employee discount tickets?

I believe employee don't really get discount, they can only bring guest in for free.

Does Walmart have a vets discount?


How do you replace my Walmart discount card?

How do i replace my walmart discount card online .

What is the Sam's Club employee discount?

There is no discount. All you get is a free membership.

What is the employee discount for neiman Marcus?

The Neiman Marcus employee discount is always 30& off...but when special events run it can be up to 60-80% off for employee's only. Wise advice is not to abuse this is highly enforced.

Does bj's offer an employee discount?


What is the employee discount at target?


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