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Q: What is the wall of sound?
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When was The Wall of Sound created?

The Wall of Sound was created on 2007-07-13.

When was Tearing Down the Wall of Sound created?

Tearing Down the Wall of Sound was created in 2007.

When was Radio Wall of Sound created?

Radio Wall of Sound was created on 1991-10-07.

How does someone sound proof walls?

Sound proofing a wall can be done in many ways. In general, extra materials, such as extra drywall, and sound proof material that can be put on the wall will sound proof a wall.

Things that stop sound?

A sound proof wall.

What is Wall of Sound?

Wall of Sound is when Echo Echo duplicate and together shout to reflect attacks from enemies.

What producer is associated with the wall of sound?

The "Wall of Sound" was developed by Phil Spector. Spector is now in prison for murder.

Where might one go to learn how the wall of sound works?

There are several websites that one can learn how the wall of sound works. These websites include Wikipedia, WO Sound, The WO Experience, and Sound Cloud.

What happens when sound waves hit a wall?

when a sound wave hits a wall it refracts and loses velocity but carrys on. if there is another wall within its distace then it will refract gain. this can cause an echo

What happens when a sound wave hits a wall?

The sound energy is converted by the wall's atoms into THC, which is then released into the air (don't worry! It's harmless)

What types of surfaces reflect sound the best?

We will find surfaces that are hard and flat to be the best reflectors of sound. To understand why, we need to review a couple of things about sound. Sound is mechanical energy. The source of the sound will put the sound (mechanical) energy into the medium through which that sound is going to travel. This causes some movement in the medium through which the sound is propagating. Surfaces that reflect sound best will not absorb the sound energy by moving. These surfaces will resist any movement and will thus not take any energy from the sound wave. This said, we'd expect a foam rubber wall will reflect far less sound energy than a concrete wall. Also, a wall that is flat will cause less scattering, which is a distributed redirection of the sound. A flat wall will allow sound to be reflected directly back toward the source (for sound arriving at a right angle to the wall). A wall that is made of cemented river stones, which are rounded, will scatter some of the sound energy and be less as good a reflector of that sound compared to a flat, smooth concrete wall.

What do you hear when sound bounces off the wall?

An echo

What is Phil Spector is famous for?

Wall Of Sound technique.

Who created the 'wall of sound' in the 1960s?

Phil Spector

What is Phil Spector famous for?

Wall Of Sound technique.

Why does sound off a mirror sound clearer than sound off a wall?

its a much harder surface and doesnt absorb the sound waves

What are the best speakers for Wall Surround Sound?

Bose inwall speakers appear to be the best speakers that I can find on the internet for home theater, music and general wall surround sound. Bose speakers appear to be a very popular selection for wall surround sound systems.

Can sound waves travel through brick wall?

yes unless they anti sound bricks

What is the first wall of sound song?

Da Do Ron Ron

Who made the sound effects for Wall-E?

Ben Burtt.

What are the energy changes in a radio?

Electric (from the wall) to sound (speakers).

What was Phil specter known for as a music producer?

The "Wall of Sound"

What can sound cannot pass through?

Sound cannot pass through a sound-proof wall or insulation. What this is made of I don't know.

'What happens to sound waves when they reach a wall '?

Part of the energy carried by the sound bounces back from the wall, and is perceived as an echo if you're far enough from the wall. The rest of the energy enters the wall. Part of that is absorbed by the material of the wall, and the rest emerges from the other side, where it may be noticeable to people on that side of the wall, especially in a cheap motel.

What does a snare drum sound like?

A snare drum sound like a hit on the roof or the hit on your wall.