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Q: What is the water activity of pickled gherkins when 2.4 percent Na Cl and 0.5 percent Acetic Acid is used?
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What acid is in pickled onions?

Pickled onions are made with some form of vinegar, and Acetic Acid is the acid in vinegar.

What percent acetic acid is glacial acetic acid?


Solubility of acetic acid in cold water?

Acetic acid and water can mix together into solution in any ratio you want, so this answer's going to look a little strange. Acetic acid will dissolve into water in any ratio from 1 percent acetic plus 99 percent water, to 50/50 acetic and water. When the concentration of acetic acid exceeds 50 percent, the acid no longer dissolves into the water--because the product with the highest concentration is considered the solvent, at 51 percent acetic acid you should think of the solubility of cold water in acetic acid. And at that point, you can have any ratio from 51 percent acetic plus 49 percent water, to 99 percent acetic plus 1 percent water.

Does Acetic acid contain alcohol?

If it is a mixture, then yes. Pure acetic acid is one hundred percent acetic acid, while vinegar is 5 or 10 percent acetic acid in water. You can make a solution of acetic acid and alcohol.

Which food contains most acid in the following foods frozen peas rice puddingpickled onions or chips?

I would assume pickled onions. Perhaps pickled in acetic acid. Vinegar.

How do you make 2 percent acetic acid solution from 100 percent glacial acetic acid?

use 2 units of acetic acid for example 2ml in 98 units of water

Are picked onions acidic?

Pickling is often done with vinegar, which is diluted acetic acid, making whatever is pickled acidic.

How do you make prepare 3 percent acetic acid solution?

how to make 3% of acetic acid

How do you get a 5 percent diluted acetic acid from a 99 percent acetic acid solution?

Take 100 gm acetic acid. With 99% purity,it contains 99 gm of Acetic Acid. To make 5% solution,add 1880 gms water.

What is the weight of 10 percent acetic acid?


Acetic acid in water?

The acetic acid is diluted in water to five or ten percent to make household vinegar.

What is the common percent weight of acetic acid in vinegar?

Normal vinegar is approximately 5-10% acetic acid.

What is the pH of a 3 percent acetic acid solution?


What is the mass percent of acetic acid?

A home-using acetic acid solution is lesser than 10% w/w.

Which acid is used to preserve pickled onions?

Plain Silverskin Onions: silverskin onions, water, spirit vinegar, acetic acid, flavorings, preservatives

What is molarity of 5 percent acetic acid?

(.05)X(grams of total solution) = grams of acetic acid (grams of acetic acid)/ (mol. wt. of acetic acid(=60g/mol)) = mol. acetic acid (mol. acetic acid)/ (Liters of total solution) = molarity(M)

What is the freezing point of 56 percent acetic acid?

-24 Celsius

What acid is found in pickling onions?

Onions are usually pickled using a variety of ingredients including vinegar. Vinegar is the common household name for acetic acid.

If commercial vinegar is 4 percent acetic acid what is the normality of acetic acid in vinegar?

normality of acetic acid=%acetic acid*density*1000/mol. wt.*100 = 4*1.05*1000/60*100 =0.7 N

How much pure water must be mixed with 4 pints of 50 percent acetic acid to produce a mixture that is 33 percent acetic acid?

Let us assume that x pint water must be mixed with 4 pints of 50 percent acetic acid to produce a mixture that is 33 percent acetic acid. Therefor 4 pint*50 %=(4+x)pint*33% 200 =132 pints + x pints 200-132 = x*33 pints 68 /33 = x pints So x = 2.06 pints Answer : 2.06 pint water must be mixed with 4 pints of 50 percent acetic acid to produce a mixture that is 33 percent acetic acid.

Vinegar is composed of approximately 95 percent water and 5 percent acetic acid what type of mixture is this?


What is the difference between glacial Acetic acid and acetic acid one five percent solution?

Glacial acetic acid is a concentrate 98%-100% acetic, solid at 16.5 degrees celcius. 1-5% solution commonly refers to vinegar.

What is vinegar from?

Vinegar is acetic acid diluted to 5 or 10 percent with water, so that you won't burn your mouth if you drink pure acetic acid.

Calculate the mass percent of hydrogen in acetic acid?

Shouldn't be too hard... (4/50)*100=8% hydrogen by mass in acetic acid.

How much vinegar goes in a quart of water to make acetic acid?

About 5 percent of vinegar goes in a quart of water to make acetic acid.