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the weather is very different it can be cold, warm, windy, rainy and sunny. The weather can change very quickly.

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Is the Lake District the biggest lake in UK?

No. The Lake District is a district.

Is lake district in Newcastle?

no, the lake district is in cumbria ... but you can drive to the outskirts of the Lake District (Ullswater) in about an hour from Newcastle!

What is so interesting about the lake district?

The lake district is so interesting because lots of famous people in the past used to live there. Such as Beatrix Potter, William Wordsworth and lots more! So people come to the lake district to either maybe get inspired by them or to see the beautiful lake Windermere whether it's raining or not, the lake is still beautiful whatever the weather!

When was Lake District created?

Lake District was created in 1951.

When was the lake district established?

The Lake district (in Cumbria, England) is a natural phenomenon and has been called the "Lake District" because it has many lakes since ancient times. The "Lake District National Park" was established 1951 to protect the environment of the Lake District.

How many mountains in lake district?

There are 51 Mountains in the Lake District.

Is the Peak District bigger then the Lake District?

The lake distict is bigger.

How long is lake district lake?

The Lake District is approximately 34 miles (55 km) across.

Which is bigger lake district or peak district?

Peak District: 555 square miles Lake District: 885 square miles

What is the landscape like in the lake district?

edg I do not know what on earth this means!

What are the plants like in the lake district?

wet because it always rains

When was Lake District Hospital created?

Lake District Hospital was created in 1971.

What is the temperature at lake district?

The temperature at the lake district is 13 degrees Celsius

Longest lake in the lake district?

Lake Windermere

What is the official lake in the lake district?

Lake Windemere

Is there an opening time at the Lake District?

The Lake District is just a large area. It is not surrounded by a fence. Lots of places within the Lake District have opening hours.

Where are the lake district hotels located?

There are a few different locations of the Lake District Hotels. All are located in the Lake District which is in Cumbria, England, United Kingdom.

What is the biggest mountain in the lake district?

the biggest mountain in the lake district is scafell pike

What is the highest mountain in the lake district?

The highest mountain in the lake district is Scafell Pike.

What can you stay in at the lake district?

The Lake District where? Many places have lake districts, please resubmit with a more detailed question

What is the largest lake in England?

Lake Windmere in the Lake District

What is lake Windermere?

it is a famous lake in England's lake district.

Why is the lake district so popular destination for holidaymakers?

because people like it

What is the largest lake in the lake district?

The largest 'Lake is Bassenthwaite Lake, as it is the only actual 'Lake' in the district. All others are meres and waters. The biggest area of water is Windermere Lake.

What is the shallowest lake in the lake district?


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