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The website can be found in the Related Link below.

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Q: What is the website of Osun State University in Nigeria?
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What is the website of the osun state university?

The Ohio State University (OSUN) website is:

Where can you buy the osun state university nigeria admission forms?

You can get it at the campus. Ago Iwoye

Website of osun state university?

Is the form still on sale?

When was Osun State University created?

Osun State University was created in 2006.

What state in Nigeria can cocoa be found?

osun state

What is the telephone area code for Osun state Nigeria?

It depends on which city or town in Osun you are calling.

What is the zip code for osun state in nigeria.?


What is the postcode of Ilesa in Osun State of Nigeria?

im from Nigeria so i no it its 036

When is the date of osun state university entrance examination?

when is d entrance exam. when is the date of osun state entrance examination?

In which country most twins are born?

it is Nigeria in a town know as igbo ora....south west of nigeria in Osun State.

What is the cut off mark of osun state university jamb?

Osun is 180, call this number. 08160804937. For more clarifications

How many driving miles is it from Osun Nigeria to Lagos Nigeria?