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1190680 tonnes
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What is the biggest ship?

The largest ship ever constructed was the Seawise Giant. Built by Sumitomo Heavy Industries in Japan in 1979, she rang in at a full displacement of over 646,000 long tons. At a length of 458 m, she is longest than the Empire State Building is tall. Her name has changed over the years. She has been k ( Full Answer )

The biggest us cargo ship?

The biggest cargo ship in the world is slightly larger than the 2nd biggest cargo ship in the world. In other words, the 2nd largest cargo ship in the world is smaller than the biggest one.

Was the Titanic the biggest ship?

Titanic was the biggest ship. bigger than it's sisters the Olympic and Britannic No, it was the biggest ship for its time. At the time of her maiden voyage, SS Titanic was the largest ship in the world. Her sister ship SS Olympic was about the same length, but Titanic was heavier by about ten thousa ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest ship ever built?

The R.M.S. Titanic .It was over 882 ft long and 92.5 ft wide, the length translates to 1/6 of a mile. She stood over 100 ft tall, she also weighed 45,000 tons. Sorry, but the Titanic doesn't even come close to the size of modern cruise ships, aircraft carriers, or oil tankers. Seawise Giant, a sup ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest shipping company in the world?

undoubtedly maersk of denmark is best shipping line in the world. but to name a few more p&o nedllyod,hapag llyod, pil of singapore, mitsui osk lines can also be counted upon for their good networks through out the world.

What is the biggest ship ever made?

the biggest still around is the Emma maersk also the biggest sank was esso atlantic. emma maersk length:2,956ft width:1,734ft

What is the biggest Steam Ship?

The Great Eastern, not the Titanic. The Great Eastern got stuck in a storm and rocks ripped a hole in the hull twice as big as the one that sunk the Titanic but the ship still made it back to port on the other side of the Atlantic without the crew or the passengers noticing it! This is because The G ( Full Answer )

Whats the biggest ship?

the biggest ship is the seawise giant 458.45m (cargo ship) the biggest military ship is the enterprise class 342m the biggest passenger ship is oasis of the seas and allure of the seas 360m (I went on the oasis of the seas 2 weeks ago (seriously you should go on it!))

What is the biggest cruise ship?

Royal Caribbean International's Symphony of the Seas is the largestcruise ship in the world at approximately 228,081 gross tons. QueenMary 2 (2004) is the largest ocean liner in the world at about150,000 gross tons.

What is the biggest land animal and its weight?

The biggest animal on land is the elephant. size:up to 11 feet weigh:3 1/2-6 1/2 tons (7,000 13,200 lb) Swahili name:tembo or nodovu scientific name:loxodonta africana lifespan:60 to 70 years gestation:about 22 mounths habitat:dense forest to open plains diet:herbivorous predators:humans

What is the biggest ship on history?

The Seawise Giant, an Oil-tanker is the longest and largest ship in history, at almost half a kilometer long ( 1,504.1 ft).

What is the biggest passenger ship in the world?

The current largest passenger ship is the Oasis of the Seas which sailed their first cruise in December of 2009. It is 1,181 feet long and can hold up to 5,400 passengers. It Is The Oasis Of the seas.... So far And Then A Replica Of the Oasis of the Seas called 'The Allure of the Seas" will come o ( Full Answer )

What is the weight of the worlds biggest dog?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the 2011 World's Biggest Dog is George, a purebred Great Dane. He weighs nearly 18 stone and stretches 7 foot long from nose to tail. He is nearly 4 foot high at the shoulder.

Biggest cruise ship in the us?

Original answer from 2009: Currently there are three. Royal Caribbean's Freedom class made up of Freedom, Liberty and Independence of the Seas. As of April 2011, the two biggest ships are the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas and the Allure of the Seas. They are virtually identical sister ships, ( Full Answer )

Now is Titanic the biggest ship?

No. The German liner Imperator was launched 5 weeks after the Titanic's sinking. Imperator was about 30 feet longer than Titanic. Today, the largest ships in the world are probably the big container ships and oil tankers. Queen Mary II I think is the biggest passenger ship at 150,000 tons. She ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest ship in Star Trek?

V'ger was the the largest ship to ever appear in Star Trek. The energy cloud was originally stated to be 82 AUs in diameter (12.3 Billion Kilometers). The distance between Pluto and Earth is only 49 AUs. Which means it would have been too massive to enter the solar system. . In the 2001 d ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest grey wolf weight?

the biggest wolf in the world weighed 207.65 pounds. it was 8 feet tall when it stood up on it's hind legs. it could easily take on any other kind of animal in the forest.

World biggest ship name?

Allure of The Seas and Oasis of The Seas are the world's largestships. Both are from the cruise line, Royal Caribbean Internationaland 1,187 feet long.

Which is the biggest navy ship?

US Nimitz Class Super-Carriers,not.The Type 45 is the biggest and the best.I'm British and I know it's the biggest and the best.The Royal Navy is the best...............You guys get the picture.

What is carnival's biggest ship?

As of now, it is the Carnival dream. But the Carnival Magic will be coming out next year and is expected to be the biggest the cruise line has ever made.

What is the biggest ship besides the titanic?

Titanic and Olympic are virtually the same size but with herpromenade deck enclosure, since she encompasses more airspace (andhas a bit more steel), Titanic is technically slightly "larger"

What was the biggest ship in 1912?

it was totally the titanic the titanic was the biggest ship and most money they called it the unsinkable the reson that they called it that was because it had 5 layers so if it water started coming in it wouldent sink the ship but the iceburg was so powerful the it flooded all of the layers and the ( Full Answer )

What is the weight of the biggest purple diamond?

To date, the largest purple stone originated in Russia and was cut by Julius Klein Diamond Corporation. It's current ownership is unknown. Internet Stones describes the stone as: "The diamond is a fancy vivid purple, I-1 clarity, [a] heart-shaped stone weighing 7.34 carats..." The stone is name ( Full Answer )

What is the biggest cruse ship?

Oasis of the Seas is currently the largest cruise ship in the world. It is owned by Royal Caribbean.

What ship had the most biggest crash?

With an estimated death toll of 4,386 peopleand only 24 survivors, the MV Doña Paz, which caught fire and sankafter colliding with an oil tanker in 1987, was the deadliestpeacetime maritime disaster in history. The MV Doña Paz disaster was nearly 3 timesthe total number lost on the Titanic.

Which planet has the biggest mass and weight?

In our solar system, Jupiter has the most mass (and thus, weight),at over 300 times the mass of Earth. Astronomers are discoveringplanets outside the solar system (exoplanets), some of which aremuch larger than Jupiter, although the distinction between planetand brown dwarf (which is not a planet) b ( Full Answer )

Which cruise ship is the biggest?

The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas are sister ships that are virtually identical, and are listed at 210,000 Gross Registered Tons. The Allure is a couple of inches longer than the Oasis.

Is Titanic the biggest ship in history?

no. modern aircraft carriers are quite large ships. But the real large ones are either supertankers, or container ships. Have a crack at List of World's longest Ships in Wikipedia.

What was the biggest ship from the First Fleet?

With a weight of 540 tones, the heaviest ship in the First Fleet was the naval vessel, Sirius . It was believed to be about 100ft long and 32 ft at the beam (its widest point). The largest of the transport ships was Alexander, weighing in at 452 tons and being 114 ft long and 31 ft at the beam ( Full Answer )

Was the Titanic the biggest ship of US?

In it's time, the Titanic was the largest ship built internationally. Now, though, there are larger boats such as cruise ships.

Which is the biggest cruise ship in the U.S.?

"The largest or biggest cruise ship in the United States is the Oasis of the Seas. It made it first launch at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The cruise ship is Finnish built."

Was the titanic the biggest ship in its time?

Yes, the Titanic was one of the largest ships of its time(I think). These days, of course, it isn't all that big since they have a ton of huge oil tankers and stuff. Back then, though, it was considered unsinkable and was one of the biggest ships.(This is based on what I know I am not exactly 100% ( Full Answer )

What weight is the biggest elephant?

The biggest elephant on record weighed about 11,500 pounds, which is five and three quarter tons. The average bull African elephant, the heavier of the two species, weighs about 8000 pounds, or four tons.

What is the biggest LEGO ship?

The world's biggest Lego ship is 23 feet long, bigger than three queen sized beds. Its name is Battleship Yamato and it took 6 years and 4 months to build.