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What is the weight of a biggest ship?

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1190680 tonnes

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Q: What is the weight of a biggest ship?
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What is weight of the biggest ship in the world?


What is the biggest ship in Halo?

the biggest ship in halo is a covenant cruiser.

What is the worlds biggest ship?

i think the titanic or that's the 2 biggest ship

What is the biggest ship in Pearl Harbor?

The West Virginia 32,600 was the biggest ship in Pearl Harbor. It also was the biggest ship that sunk on that fateful day.

What Royal Caribbean ship is the biggest?

Symphony of the Seas is the biggest Royal Caribbean ship.

Why the titanic was such a special ship?

As it was the biggest ship to ever be made.

The biggest us cargo ship?

The biggest cargo ship in the world is slightly larger than the 2nd biggest cargo ship in the world. In other words, the 2nd largest cargo ship in the world is smaller than the biggest one.

Biggest ship in India?

coke ship...

Whats the biggest ship?

the biggest ship is the seawise giant 458.45m (cargo ship) the biggest military ship is the enterprise class 342m the biggest passenger ship is oasis of the seas and allure of the seas 360m (I went on the oasis of the seas 2 weeks ago (seriously you should go on it!))

When the titanic was built was it the biggest ship known to man?

yes it was the biggest ship known to man

What will be the next biggest cruise ship?

Symphony of the Seas cruise ship retains the title of the world's biggest cruise ship in 2020.

What was Captain Cook's biggest ship called?

The HMS Resolution was the largest of James Cook's ship, with a length of 110 ft 8 in (33.73 m) and a weight of 462 tonnes.

What is the biggest roal caribbian ship?

the biggest royal Caribbean cruise ship is currently the oasis of the seas.

What ship is the biggest?


What was the biggest ship before the titanic?

Her sister ship the Olympic.

Is titanic was the biggest ship?

Titanic was the largest ship in 1912.

What are the main feature of the Titanic?

that it was the biggest ship at that point and sunk befor they reached to new yourk. it was the biggest ship at that point

How much weight does a ship hold?

The weight of the ship plus the weight of the cargo cannot be greater than the weight of the water displaced

What was the next biggest ship after the Titanic?

That was the Britannic, Titanic's siter ship.

Is the carnival ship the biggest ship ever?

I thought it was the oil tanker-

Is the titanic the biggest ship?


Which country has the biggest ship?


What is the biggest sunk ship?

The titanic

Which is the biggest ship at present?


Why does a ship floats on water answer based on archemedis principel?

Weight of ship = weight of (displaced) water.