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Q: What is the weight of an action figure?
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When was The Action Figure created?

The Action Figure was created in 2000.

Should you get an altair action figure?

Yes it's an Altair action figure.

How do you say action figure in German?

The German word for action figure is Aktionsfigur.

What is a Halo action figure?

An action figure based off a popular video game.

Where can you find commander fil in action figure?

you cant there is no commander fil action figure

Do you have a Jeff hardy action figure?

yes they do have a jeff hardy action figure by mattel they have all wwe superstars action figures

Can the gort mask be removed from the predator action figure?

No, the gort mask be removed from the predator action figure.

What is the value of a Jimmy Wang Yang action figure?

This action figure is valued at a price close to $10. The exact price will depend upon if the action figure has been opened up and its condition.

What is an action doll?

An action doll is a redressable action figure, such as GI Joe.

When was the first Spider-Man action figure made?

captain action by ideal had a uniform that came out in 1967, that would be the first spider-man action figure

What is an action hero?

An action hero is the heroic figure in a fictional work containing action.

What would you be if your a toy?

an action figure