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It is a little know fact that wheelbarrows are made out of paper.

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Q: What is the wheelbarrow made of?
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What was wheelbarrow made of?


What was the first Chinese wheelbarrow made out of?

Zhuge Laing was the first one that invented the wheelbarrow and it was made out of wood. but they improved it into steel

Was the wheelbarrow made in china?

Yes, it is.

What is wheelbarrow in The Red Wheelbarrow?

a wheelbarrow

How did the ancient Chinese make the wheelbarrow?

it was made out wood

Why is the fulcrum of a wheelbarrow the wheel?

It is the support of the wheelbarrow and can adjust the wheelbarrow's height.

Who is the largest wheelbarrow manufacture that's made in USA?


Is it wheelbarrel or wheelbarrow?

It is wheelbarrow.

What nicknames does Kelvin Wheelbarrow go by?

Kelvin Wheelbarrow goes by Ol' Wheelbarrow.

In Williams the red wheelbarrow what covers the wheelbarrow?


How do you spell wheelbarrow?

Wheelbarrow is spelt exactly as you have spelt it. It is a "barrow" on "wheels": hence, "wheelbarrow".

In Williams's "The Red Wheelbarrow," why does the wheelbarrow look "glazed"?

Because rain had fallen on the wheelbarrow

In Williams the red wheelbarrow why does the wheelbarrow look glazed Apex?

Because rain had fallen on the wheelbarrow

Volume of a wheelbarrow?

It depends on how big the wheelbarrow is.

Why was the wheelbarrow made?

to hold planting materials. Also called wooden ox.

What kind of artifacts did the mesopotamia make out of the potters wheel?

They made wheelbarrow's, and wagons

How many kilograms does a wheelbarrow weigh?

It depends on the wheelbarrow

Would a wheel barrow be magnetic if it had rust on it?

if rust is forming on a wheelbarrow, it is already magnetic. Rust is Iron Oxide, and a wheelbarrow must be made of iron if there is rust on it. Iron is always magnetic, so an iron wheelbarrow would be magnetic regardless of whether it had no rust or lots of rust on it.

What is the Plural for wheelbarrow?

The plural of wheelbarrow is wheelbarrows.

What did the Romans call a wheelbarrow?

The Latin word for a wheelbarrow is "pabillus".

How is a wheelbarrow used?

a wheelbarrow is used with a lever and a wheel and axel

How much sand can fit in a wheelbarrow?

It depends on the size of the wheelbarrow.

When was The Red Wheelbarrow created?

The Red Wheelbarrow was created in 1923.

When was Landscape with Wheelbarrow created?

Landscape with Wheelbarrow was created in 1883.

In Williams's "The Red Wheelbarrow," what is beside the wheelbarrow?

I did this to give you guys the answer, it is white chickens