Chevy Blazer S-10

What is the wheelbase for a 1985 S10 blazer?


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what is the wheel base for 1985 s10 blazer


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The 1985 S10 Blazer GMAC Êoffers a delay wiper on the black cruise control lever. ÊThe part number is AM-64109149.

You should hook up the wires for a tach on a 1985 Chevrolet s10 blazer to the negative side of the coil. You should be sure to identify the positive and negative sides of the coil.Ê

A 2wd w/ a 2.8 v6 weighs 3200lbs.

We need to know which indicator light you speak of.

out a s10 short bed truck putting back does the front have to have the bushing by the seal can you take it off

We need to know what year that S10 Blazer is.

The 1985 Chevrolet S10 Blazer has a curb weight of 4,462 pounds. The standard fuel tank capacity for this vehicle is 24.83 gallons.

An alternator from a 2000 Chevy blazer will fit a 2002 S10 blazer with a little fabrication.

It already has throttle body fuel injection.

235x70x15 this tire size on my 2001 s10 blazer

how do you replace dome light in s10 chey blazer?

According to the Haynes manual: Short wheelbase truck (reg cab with short box, also blazer and Jimmy); 108.3 inches long wheelbase truck (reg cab with long box) 117.9 inches Truck with club cab; 122.9 inches

No it does not if it is a s10 blazer

Have you checked that the headlight switch is working properly?

any s10 or sonoma up to 93 and any blazer jimmy up to 94

This can be done, though some modifications may be needed. If you need to replace your core support (rad support) as well, order a core support for a 91 S10 blazer. This will help do away with the mounting issues. I did this to a 1985 S10 blazer and the grill fit fine with the factory core support, but not all of the mounting locations matched.

The ECM on a 1992 S10 Blazer is located below the glove box.

Will a Chevy blazer engine fit in a Chevy s10 pickup

replacement of the transmission dipstick tub seal on a 1994 s10 blazer

A 2002 S10 Blazer doesn't have throttle body injection (tbi).

A 98 Blazer S10 has 5 lugs on each wheel.

which fuse is for the fuel pump in a 1993 chevy s10 blazer

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