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What is the white buildup on the grout lines in your swimming pool?

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Though by no means an expert in pool care, this sounds like a condition in brick and mortar construction known as effluouresence. An internet search on that term will generate some suggestions. I recommend scrubbing with TSP (tri-sodium phosphate)until the problem stops reappearing. ANSWER:

White stuff is most likely calcium carbonate. You may not want to use T.S.P. in your pool. It will take lots of elbow grease and a good pad type tile scrubber found in pool stores. It will not come off right away and will take many applications to remove. Try concentrating on cleaning a few feet at a time, maybe after each swimming outing, using a good tile soap especially made for cleaning tile in pools, until you have gone completely around the pool. You could also try a very mild solution of muriatic acid on the pad but this sometimes makes the situation worse. After you think you have removed a good portion of the "white buildup" then each week religiously clean your tiles with the pad and tile soap. There is a short pole that can be purchased to adapt to the pads. The calcium marks will continue to return because of the lime in the grout.

2007-08-11 23:36:47
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How can you renew white grout?

You can try to clean it with bleach or a special grout cleaner. White grout tends to turn yellow with time. You may want to dig out some of the grout and put new over it. Then be sure to seal the grout - an ongoing process.

Why did my brown grout dry white?

All grout dries lighter when dry.but brown grout should not dry white. Check the date of; it might be passed its shelf life. look and see if you bought a light brown grout. You could cut the grout out with a grout rake but this would take ages

What would cause white chalky deposits to come out of all of your faucets and is it harmful?

Lime buildup in your water lines. No, it wont hurt you.

Can you use White grout to install porcelain tile?

Not JUST a grout no. You can get a cement that will also work as a grout but a pure grout would not have the adhesion required to stick the tiles to the wall properly, you should not use it as a cement.

How do you clean white line on tile?

How to clean Tile Grout If you mean the Grout Lines, there are lots of products, TILEX being one of the more common.. Tilex & a stiff nylon bristle brush, follow the instructions & you will have clean grout in no time.. Once it's clean you might want to seal it.. That keeps it clean & makes it easier to clean..

Will a salt water pool damage new grout if the water is not balanced?

if the salt water pool has a extreme high mineral content it ,could make the grout white, if the grout is new.

Should the grout for a tile floor match or contrast with the tiles?

Grout should usually be white or contrast with the tiles, but it truly depends on your preferences.

How do you tell what causes the white buildup is on a spark plug?

usually white buildup on a spark plug is caused by oil or fuel additives or poor quality gasoline.

What product can you seal your kitchen tile grout with that will harden and last long time?

I had very dirty tile grout in my kitchen and bathrooms from one of those swiffer mops. After a few months the grout lines became dirty and even when I used bleach in the grout lines they would not get clean.... After a while I realized that my grout was not sealed when the ceramic tiles were laid down (ceramic tiles usually come sealed)....I went to an orange colored builder supply store and first got a professional grade heavy duty acidic grout cleaner. I followed the directions and then once it was dry and cleaned I used a high traffic grout sealer (was in a tall yellow container with blue writing...don't remember the name) and a roller to roll the grout lines...once it dried my grout lines were shiny and white! It doesn't matter what color the store is you buy a sealer from! Read the labels on any grout sealer!!! If it states that a second application can be made at a later date; that raises the question "What happened to the first?". Also, look for any cautionary statement "Do not allow product to contact glass or metal"! In either case these products will not give longevity as a sealer. A cementitous grout left untreated will absorb waterborne contaminates into the capillary pore of the grout that has not been waterproofed! Dirty mop water is a sure way to discolor a grout! I use a product direct from the manufacturer that waterproofs in one application and increases compressive strength of any Portland Cement based grout material. Once the grout has been waterproofed, an added benefit is; it does not allow formation of efflorescence crystals on a surface. Best to place this product the day after grouting to protect from construction residue. Low VOC allows application in an occupied interior space and your grout problems are over!

Does tile grout come in other colors besides white?

Tile grout actually comes in dozens of colors, most of which are earth tones and pastels.

What is the white powdery substance between the ceramic tile on your floors?

Sanded Grout

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How do you clean the white grout in a shower without harming the grout in any way?

AnswerMix up a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water. Best to use a paintbrush or something similar to paint the paste onto the grout. Leave for a few hours and then wash off. Grout should be sparkling white. For really stubborn stains, use the same paste on a soft toothbrush and some old fashioned elbow grease.There is a product from Australia that is a broom on mop off grout cleaner no nasties

What are the best ways to clean grout in the home?

Depending on the severity of the grout stains, one economical way of keeping grout clean is with white vinegar diluted with water. If this doesn't do the job, you can purchase commercial tile and grout cleaner in any home improvement store. For the most severe grout stains, you can try chlorine bleach, or oxygenated powder, such as Oxyclean or even hydrogen peroxide.

What does caulking accomplish?

It seals the cracks in between tiles to make a nice white grout.

How to spot repair white grout in shower?

Your local home store (Lowes. Home Depot, Ace Hardware) has grout in a tube. It's ready to use and has instructions. You can also use bleach and/or a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser if you prefer not to lay new grout.

How to repair white grout in shower?

First you need to remove the damaged grout. Do this by using an old (or cheap!) flat head screwdriver to scrape and dig out the loose grout. Vacuum or brush away any dust. Mix grout mix and latex filler (to make it hard and more water proof) and fill in the spaces. Smooth the grout and then sponge off the excess that is on the tile. Allow to dry for a day and then wipe off again.

Can vinegar clean tile and grout?

Yes it can, and you use white vinegar. It also cleans driveways.

How do you clean white grout in floor of kitchen tile?

White vinegar and water is the best grout cleaner ever. After you have completed getting the stains out, wipe away again, and apply good sealer. With that you won't have to clean it like that again for a long long while.

How do you remove the buildup of calcium on your kitchen utensils?

Calcium can be dissolved by white vinegar. It works best to soak the buildup in full strength white vinegar, but if you have to spray it on and let it soak, that works pretty well, too.

How do you clean white grout around a swimming pool Can I use muriatic acid?

If you use acid you run the risk of the stuff turning yellow in the fairly near future Usualy grout only goes murky on the sulfate so the best thing to do is scrub it down wit some thing like a stianless steel scrubbing pad (a stinker of a job) then after that is done and only if it is dry paint it with a clear silicone waterproofing sealant designed for grout or bricks to make your cleaning job last longer.

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