What is the withdraw reflex?

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a spinal reflex intended to protect the body from damaging stimuli.

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Q: What is the withdraw reflex?
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What is the synonym for ebb?

Reflex. flow back, withdraw, retreat, wane, recede, decline, flag, diminish, decrease, dwindle, lessen, subside

What is the hunter's reflex?

The hunter's reflex is a physiological condition whereby in cold weather the blood vessels in the forearm allow blood to flow to the hands thus keeping them warm and useful, rather than the normal response which is to withdraw blood from the extremities to protect the core.

Is the knee-jerk reflex a simple reflex stretch reflex or a spinal reflex?

spinal reflex

After touching a hot stove you immediately withdraw your hand and step back What kind of reflex arc is involved Where are the receptors located and what is their function?

This type of reflex never in fact reaches the brain. The reflex arc begins with the perception of temperature, moves to the peripheral spinal chord, and is immediately sent back into a muscular contraction to move the hand away.

What reflex is the patellar reflex?

It is a stretch reflex in your knees.

What kind of reflex is a patellar reflex?

Stretch reflex

Is reflex action and reflex arcs are same?

Reflex arc is the path for reflex action.

What are reflex actions?

A reflex action is an automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a stimulus. It does not involve cognitive processes.The typical example would be that if you were to place your hand onto something hot, you body would withdraw you hand automatically before you realized what you had done (it would still hurt but you hand would be off the heat)A reflex action is an instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus.

What type of reflex is salivary reflex?

The salivary reflex is a type of autonomic reflex. This is a reflex that occurs automatically and unconsciously by the brain.

What are the difference between reflex arc and reflex action?

Reflex arc is the path of reflex action. Reflex Action is action it self

Is a gag reflex a somatic reflex?

No, a somatic reflex are the reflexes of the skeletal muscle movements. The gag reflex is considered to be an autonomic reflex.

Is the patellar reflex an extensor thrust reflex?

No, its a stretch reflex.

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