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Q: What is the word equation for the reaction in which stalactites and stalagmites are produced?
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What is the equation for Iron oxide when metal oxide is added and what gas is produced in the reaction?

whatis the word equation of Iron oxide when metal oxide is added and what gas is produced in the reaction

What number of products and reactants are produced by a chemical reaction?

It depends on the reaction. Also, only the products are produced by a chemical reaction; the reactants produce the reaction and are changed in the reaction to the products. (If you have a chemical equation, the number of distinct molecules and/or isolated element symbols on the right side of the equation will show how many distinct products are formed in the reaction.)

What is the difference between a chemical reaction and a product in a chemical equation?

The reactants are the substances that undergo the chemical reaction, and are shown on the left side of a chemical equation. The products are produced by the chemical reaction, and are shown on the right side of the chemical equation.

What are the two sides of a chemical equation called?

The side on the left of a chemical equation is the reactants, the chemicals consumed by the reaction. The side on the right is the product, the chemicals produced by the reaction.

What is the balanced chemical equation for the reaction of sulfur dioxide with water?

What the equation for the reaction?

what is the reaction for the equation for carbon dioxide

Describe how soap is manufactured using the sodium hydroxide produced in this process include a reaction equation?

how the soap is manufactured?

What is the reaction in the chemical equation?

A chemical equation is the graphic form of the reaction.

What is the balanced equation for Na Cl gives Na cl?

The balanced equation would beNa + Cl -> NaCl Basically this reaction can be done by plunging a piece of sodium into a glass gas filled with chlorine gas. A lot of heat is produced in this reaction.

What is produced from the symbol equation H2O2 equals H2O plus O2?

It is very clear: the compounds resulted from this reaction are water and oxygen.

What are used as conversion factors for determining how much of an element is produced in a chemical reaction?

mole ratio of two substances in the balanced equation.

What is a reaction in a balancing equation?

When an equation is balanced, the rate of the forward reaction equals the rate of the reverse reaction.