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These reactions are:
4 Cu(I) + O2 = 2 Cu2O
2 Cu(II) + O2 = 2 CuO


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Metallic copper reacts with an excess of oxygen to form copper(II) oxide or with a deficiency of oxygen to form copper(I) oxide.

The word equations for the reaction between copper and oxygen is copper+oxygen= copper oxide.

copper+oxygen-----copper oxide

Potassium + Water = Potassium Hydroxide + Hydrogen

Francium is a very rare metal that would oxidize very quickly. The word equation is francium + oxygen -> francium hydroxide + hydrogen gas.

copper+sulphur+oxygen then theres an arrow, but i don't know how 2 do an arrow copper sulphate

copper + sulphur = copper sulphide! it's been a while since I've done chemestry, so bear with me. the reaction works out as CuS + O2 = Cu + SO2 , if i read your word equation correctly, which would make the reactants copper sulphide and oxygen.

Iron react wit water only in the presence of oxygen.

Solid copper heated with oxygen in air produces copper (II) oxide. 2Cu(s) + O2(g) + heat --> 2CuO(s)

The Word Equation for Zinc and Oxygen is: Zinc → Oxygen → Zinc oxide And the Balanced Symbol Equation for Zinc and Oxygen is 2Zn → O2 → 2ZnO

There is no word equation for making oxygen. Oxygen is a natural element and cannot therefore be a created substance.

Word equation Copper Carbonate ----> Copper Oxide and Carbon dioxide Balanced equation CuCO3 ----> CuO + CO2

there is no reaction! =]

Symbol Equation= CuCO3 - CuO + CO2 Word Equation= Copper Carbonate - Copper Oxide + Carbon Dioxide

The iron will displace the copper as it is more reactive. here's the equation: iron + copper sulphate = iron sulphate +copper

metal+water= hydrogen+ metal hydroxide metal+ oxygen= metal oxide metal+ acid= hydrogen+ salt

Word equation:copper (II) carbonate --> copper oxide + carbon dioxideSymbol equation:CuCO3 --> CuO +CO2

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