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It can be hard to remember all the word translations when learning a new language. The German word for dog bed is Hundebett.

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Q: What is the word for dog bed in German?
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What is the German word for bed?

das Bett - the bed ein Bett - a bed

Where should an eight week old German shepherd sleep?

In a comfortable dog bed. Irecommend you bring your dog to the pet store [or were ever you're getting the bed] and let your dog pick out the bed.

What is the German word for dog?

dog = der Hund.

What is a Pudel in German?

The German word 'Pudel' means 'a poodle dog'

How do you say the word dog in German?


What does the word wolf mean in German?

Like dog

Is there anything wrong with your dog sleeping under the blankets in bed?

i don't think so.i do it and i have a massive German Shepard in a single bed :D lol

What is German word for bed?

"Bett" is the German word for bed. It is a neuter noun. Example: Das Bett ist klein und kaputt. -- The bed is small and broken.

How do you trained German spherherd to go to their kennels?

Lead the dog into the kennel with the same command, 'In your bed' 'bed' ect whatever you feel best with. Over time the dog will hear the command and get in the kennel immediately.

What language is the word dachshund from?

The word "Dachshund" is German and means badger and dog.

What does the word 'German' mean in a German shepherd dog?

This dog was developed at Karlsruhe, Germany. So its name is German Shepherd Dog.

What is the German word that means dog?

Hund. This is most likely the source of the English word "hound."