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'Hob' (حب) is the world for love.

'Ana Oh'bk/e [without (e) for guys. with (e) for girls]' (أنا أحبك) means I love you.

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its pronounced as 'hubb'

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Q: What is the word love in Arabic?
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What is the Arabic word of love?

love - hob

What is the word 'love of my life' when translated from English to Arabic?

Love of my life : Hob Hayati ( in Arabic ) and it written in Arabic this way : حب حياتي

What is the Arabic translation of the word love?

Arabic spelling : حبPronounced like : Hobb

What is the Arabic word for love?

Love : Hob written as : حب,الحب

How do you use the word Arabic in a sentence?

The Arabic language is a beautiful one. I would love to visit the Arabic countries.

What is the word 'habeebi' when translated from Arabic to English?

my love

How does the word love look like in Arabic?

حب or أحب

What's this word الحب mean in englishe?

الحب is an Arabic word. It means "love" in English.

What is the Arabic symbol for love?

That is the word love in Arabic calligraphy. It is comprised of four different letters ال "al" the definite article and حب "hob" love. The dot underneath is part of the letter b

What language has the most synonyms for the word love?

According to my information it's the Arabic language

What does Habibti mean in Arabic?

Habibti means, "my love" in Arabic. It is the feminine form of the word, habibi being the masculine form. It is very commonly used for anyone close in relations, friendship, and love.

How do you spell a in Arabic?

Kitchen : matbakh ( in Arabic ). and it is written this way : مطبخ