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The Holocaust is sometimes referred to as the Final Solution or as the Shoah.

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Why do people say lol and stuff?

instead of saying the hole word to u

What is the mean cusing?

saying bad word instead of good words saying bad word instead of good words

What the heck is a heck?

A heck is not an inanimate object. Its the word some people say instead of saying "what the hell?"

Use seniority in a sentence?

Spanish people use the word seniority instead of saying women or girl.

What is the meaning of the slang term word?

Definition of the slang term "Word"Word: It is short for saying "you have my word". Instead of saying "you have my word" you simply say "word." For example: "I did not check out that girl. You have my word." instead you would say, "I did not check out that girl. Word."It is the absolute truth, the authoritative word. "What you are saying is absolutely true."

What is the definition of the word ''does''?

The root word of "does" is 'do'. So, in proper English, instead of saying "It do that." , we say "It does that."

What does holocausty mean?

The word doesn't really exist ... Instead, one uses holocaust as an adjective.

Why do people say siblings instead of brothers and sisters?

People say siblings to shorten things. Instead of taking the time of saying brothers and People say siblings because it keeps thing vague It is part of the same type of thinking that has replaced the word Christmas with the word Holiday. MS instead of Mrs and so on.

Why is Israel threatening a new Holocaust?

It's not, when people say that, they are taking words out of Context. It was a quote by Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai saying that Hamas is bringing a bigger Shoah upon themselves. Shoah is the Hebrew word for disaster, that is also used to describe the Holocaust in Germany. Vilnai said disaster, not Holocaust.

How smart people effect the Holocaust?

Inventing the word. Providing weaponry.

Spanish word of hello?

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Is crap a bad word?

Crap is just a word you can use instead of saying s h i t .No, the word crap is not considered to be a bad word in the English language.

From what language is the word Holocaust?

The word 'Holocaust' comes from Ancient Greek. The word means "Sacrifice by Fire. Many Jews died from the holocaust.

Another word for Any?

witch is also a good way instead of saying any

What is a better word to use instead of talking?

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How do Jewish people describe the holocaust?

The word Holocaust is unpopular because the Jews offered no sacrifice, therefore the term 'Shoah' is prefered.

What is the slang word for the usual?

I know a lot of people that shorten it to the first 2 letter but say it like you were to say the usual instead of just saying us

How was Auschwitz significant?

It became the word to describe the Holocaust (before the word Holocaust).

Why don't Jews like using the word Holocaust?

The Holocaust was a horrible time in the history of Europe. Many Jews and other minorities were sent to camps where they were forced to work very hard for veryl little food, and most died of exhaustion, starvation or by either being shot or gassed. Many Jewish people do not like to talk about this terrible time in their history. _______ Some consciously avoid the word Holocaustand use the word Shoah instead. The reason is that holocaust is derived from a Greek word meaning burnt sacrifice, and very few people believe that the Nazi genocide of the Jews has any religious significance. The word shoah, which means great calamity, catastrophe in Hebrew avoids the kinds of misunderstandings that the word holocaust may give rise to. (Any suggestion that the Jews in the Holocaust were the 'lamb [taking] away the sins of the world' is at best bewildering and at worst is seen as blasphemous. Very, very few people have suggested or implied that the Holocaust had any such significance).

What Other words used for the word essay?

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When was the word said invented?

it wasnt actually invented just like that but at some point in the late middle ages people quit saying & writing segde for some reason & started saying & writing said instead

When do you celebrate Holocaust?

There a misunderstanding here, probably because for some people Holocaust is a hard word. It is not a holiday. Please see the related question.

What is a Holocaust word that starts with D?

A common word from the holocaust that starts with 'D' is "Death'' or "Die". Jews died in the holocaust because of the Nazis. The holocaust was World War 2.

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