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Q: What is the world ranking for copper in Europe?
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What ranking does the german economy have in the world?

Number 3 in the world and number 1 in Europe.

What is the ranking of Zambia among copper producing countries?

It's now down about tenth. Before independence and Kaunda's 'nationalising' of the copper mines it was third in the world.

What is the world ranking for royal holloway university of London?

12th in the uk, 36th in Europe and 102th in the world following THE rankings.

Who is Europe's lead producer of copper?

Russia is the leading producer of copper in Europe, and 7th in the world. However, this also includes Russia's land in Asia, so the country wholly in Europe with the largest copper production is Poland, who is the 10th largest producer in the world.

Are Manchester united the best team in Europe?

Well basically in FIFA Ranking's brought out every year they are currently 1st so yes Europe and World

What is Zambia in the top a copper producing?

Zambia is currently 9 or 10 in ranking of copper producing countries.

What is the ranking of kuet in world ranking?

80 Th engineering university in world ranking 2014

What is the world ranking for the university of Brunei darussalam?

Ranking is about 2500-3000 in world...:)

When was IIHF World Ranking created?

IIHF World Ranking was created in 2003.

How is Heriot Watt University ranked in the world university ranking?

This college is ranked about around 427.

What is the world ranking for University of Northern Virginia?

what is the world ranking for university of Northern Virginia

What is ranking of MUET Jamshoro of Pakistan in world?

4357 as per World University Ranking