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Islam is the worlds biggest religon, Christianity is the worlds most popular.

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Q: What is the worlds biggest religion?
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Worlds second biggest religion?

MUSLIM is the second largest religion in the world

What is the biggest religion in the earth?

Christianity is the fastest growing and the biggest religion in the world. Christianity takes up 40% of the worlds population and Islam takes up 20% of the worlds population. therefore there are more Christians then Muslims and is the biggest religion.

Worlds biggest religion?

World's largest religion is Christianity [more accurately Roman Catholicism]

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What is the worlds largest ethnic religion?

Hinduism and its the worlds third largest religion with 860 adherents

What is the worlds strangest religion?

What is the strangest Religion ever ??

Which religion is biggest baptic or Catholic?

Catholic is biggest religion in the world.

What is the biggest religion worldwide?

Christianity is the biggest religion and Islam is next to it.

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