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Here is an example of the worst possible deck:

Blue eyes shining dragon x3

Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth x3

Red Eyes darkness dragon x3

Vampire gennisis x3

Dark Sage x3

Elemental Hero Neo Bubbleman x3

Armed Dragon LV10 x3

Armed Dragon LV7 x3

Cyber Laser Dragon x3

Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder x3

Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 x3

Judgment Dragon x3

Winged Kuriboh LV10 x3

Neos Wiseman x3

Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare x3

All the cards are incredibly powerfull but you can't summon any of them.

An exodia deck is because you can not use pot of greed or graceful charity due to the banned and restricted list.

I think the worst yugioh deck is either a E. hero deck, a D. hero deck, or both as one. i have realized this because i am constantly seeing people with E or D heros i always win! i even won with a bunch of random common cards i picked up out of my stack of yugioh cards.

It is true that it is difficult to make a good exodia and e-hero deck, but d-hero decks are having a great deal of success in the metagame right now. The worst yugioh deck is one that doesn't have a coherent theme or strategy. Vague, i know, but a good duelist can make any deck work.

I think there isn't a worst and a best Yu-Gi-Oh deck the only thing that counts is how you use a deck

*A deck consisting of 80 monsters that all require at least one tribute, and have no effects. No other cards in the deck. That would be by far the worst deck in Yu-Gi-Oh. -Dragonheart9*

"Exodia is actually coming back into popularity now. I was lucky to get some exodia pieces from kids who said that Exodia was pointless cause you cant play pot of greed. * Hero decks are annoying also. I think the worst decks are the decks that are pure pack decks, with how the packs are now, you can just buy 30 of a certain pack and have a deck right there, which sucks cause then everyone would pretty much have the same exact deck. - Ostria"

Any deck that is not well-built and lacks a strategy. A deck of high-level normal monsters is a good example. My compliments to Dragonheart for realizing this first.

Any deck that is nothing but monsters.

The worst deck is the deck with more than 5 6 stars or higher monster card. this deck will absolutely run out 4 star or less monster card to summon and the higher ranked monsters will be stuck at hand. also worst decks contains too much magic and trap cards more than monster cards. -shar0414-

The worst deck is a revenge deck. They focus on getting "Revenge" for destroying their monsters. Uses cards like michizure, Two-pronged attack and so on. Very very pointless and just plain bad.

*~The worst Yu-Gi-Oh deck would be a deck full of cards that you could not summon, magic cards you did not have the appropriate criteria to use, and no trap cards.~*

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Q: What is the worst Yu-Gi-Oh deck?
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