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" You must be Jamaican, 'cuz Ja makin' me crazy"

Are you wearing space pants? 'Cause your butt is out of the world.

I'll be the atom and you can be my protons.

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What is the worst pick up line ever?

Goofy and self deprecating, this pickup line could work with bookish girls and actual teachers. 7 Dumb And Worst Pick Up Lines.

What is the worst chat up line?

hi. Seriously. The worst line EVER.

What is the worst job to have at a circus?

Being the guy who has to pick up the elephant droppings.

What is Joe Jonas's favorite pick up line?

this is joe Jonas's pick up line "Hey girl I got my library card out and I'm checking you out!"

What are the release dates for The Pick-up Line - 2010?

The Pick-up Line - 2010 was released on: USA: 10 June 2010 (internet)

What are the release dates for Detention Distractions - 2009 REJECTED Worst Pick Up Lines Ever?

Detention Distractions - 2009 REJECTED Worst Pick Up Lines Ever was released on: USA: 24 September 2009

What are the worst pick up lines?

There are many awful pick up lines. An absolutely horrible one is: are those space pants? Because your butt is out of this world.

What is harry styles pick up line?


What actors and actresses appeared in The Pick-up Line - 2010?

The cast of The Pick-up Line - 2010 includes: Jessica Rona Greg Tuculescu

What is a store pick up?

A store pick-up is usually a product that has been paid for, perhaps on-line or over the phone, and is being held at the store for the purchaser to pick-up.

What is joe jonas's pick up line?

His most famous is Youre like my libary card because I am checking you out!His first pick up line was I like your red marker!

What is the most effective pick up line?

i wanna do u

What is the lamest pick up line ever?

! I'm Mr.Right

What is a bad pick up line?

Bad pick up lines have many forms but all have the same result. They don't enable a guy who uses the line to continue a conversation with a girl with a positive mood so that they may eventually hook up.This contrasts with good pick up lines which achieve the objective of making the girl feel comfortable with continuing to talk with you.The main types of bad pick up lines are:1. Rude pick up lines: These lines offend the girl by calling her names or putting her down. A guy may resort to using rude chat up lines when he feels inferior to her and may be rejected. He protects himself by using a rude pick up line so that he feels like he instigated the rejection, not her. These are the worst and least effective lines.2. Dirty pick up lines: Surprisingly popular, dirty pick up lines are your next worst option. They usually contain sexual innuendos implying that the girl will do something sexual with you immediately. In all but the rarest of situations, girls find this to be too forward and don't feel comfortable continuing to converse with you.3. Cheesy pick up lines: The third worst lines use cheesy humor. This mostly involves sickeningly sweet or romantic, or childish plays on words. These lines are bad simply because the girl will wonder why you didn't have anything better to say. And in all likelihood she will be amused at how bad your pick up line was. Whilst maintaining a good mood, this doesn't help you to appear attractive to the girl and often backfires. You are way to pretty to have ur face on facebook.

What are the release dates for The Art of the Pick Up Line - 2010?

The Art of the Pick Up Line - 2010 was released on: USA: 1 August 2010 (Sacramento Film and Music Festival)

Can player cross the dividing line to pick up loose balls?


What is Frankie Jonas' pick up line?

"Guess who my brothers are?"

What is the worlds greatest pick up line?

hi im jo.

What is the meaning of cheesy pickup line?

A cheesy pick up line is a line to catch someone's attention, but doesn't necessarily work. For example, "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" Some cheesy pick up lines may strike up a conversation, while others may not.

How do you change your Norstar M7310 phone to not automatically pick up line 1 when I pick up the receiver?

all you have to do is hold down the number sign

What are some victims of q fever?

if you were a booger youd be the first one id pick. thts a pick up line

What is a good pick up line for boys?

Hey, how you dooin? (stretch on doin)

What is Justin Biebers favourite pick up line?

''I am 12 years old and what is this?''

How do you identify victim in crime scene sketch?

by pick out the person in a line up

Number one Space alien pick-up line according to Dave letterman?

According to Dave Letterman, the number one space alien pick-up line is: "Hi, I'm Michael Jackson."

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