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Okay my pastor did a whole sermon on this one. In simplest terms, the worst sin in God's eyes is pride. Why do you think the devil is where he is today? Pride. Satan was so proud of himself that he thought he was better than God. You know the devil was an angel originally right? Lucifer. And the he and some other angels told God they were better than him and he and the angels that supported him were thrown into Hell and are now Satan and his demons. so anyways Pride is the worst sin. This question has a couple different answers from many different aspects of moral theology.

It is commonly advanced that pride is the worst sin, for it is the root of every sin. Even though pride is one of the seven cardinal sins, it is present in the other six as a motive almost every single time. Pride is also given as the first sin, committed by Adam and Eve as well as being the sin of the angels, which caused Lucifer to fall.

Some reference the worst sin as that which will never be forgiven, as alluded to in Mark 3:28-29. In this passage it is asserted that those that blaspheme against the Holy Ghost shall never have forgiveness but be guilty of an everlasting sin. Church Fathers and theologians and exegetes have understood this to mean the unrepentant sinner, for God is able to forgive any sin, except that for which a soul does not wish to be forgiven. This hardness of heart against God is a blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, for the Holy Ghost is sent to each man, giving him actual graces towards repentance. A man who refuses actual graces, despises God, shows himself ungrateful to the Divine economy and ultimately defies God's plan for redemption. Thus he shall never be forgiven it, but take it with him into hell, forever. Of course, such a defiance also involves pride, which further supports that pride is the worst of sins, and none worse than blasphemy.

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Q: What is the worst sin?
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